Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Jewels

I've decided to wear my trusty black cocktail dress to my company's holiday party. I'm doing an inventory on the party accessories that I have. I'm the worst jewelry organizer ever. I don't have a system, I just put them in one of the boxes I keep all the stuff, if there's space. And once it's out of sight, it's out of my mind too. I won't remember I have it until I actually open the box and sift through it all. I could use one of those turning display-towers in clothing stores, haha!

In the meanwhile we can gaze at the these fine pieces of art.

Who doesn't love Swarovski crystals? The colors are so vibrant and rich.

Swarovski Sweet Blossom Necklace, $100, so pretty and almost regal-looking, looks like something Marie Antoinette would wear while eating pink cake.

These stunning drop earrings from Swarovski earrings, $100, are made with black diamond and feature dark green, night blue, light grey and dark grey crystal pearls.

Swarovski Bird Necklace $510, such a unique design! It'd be perfect for an empire-waist chiffon dress for an ethereal goddess look.

Tiffany's is like the holy grail of jewelry. (Cartier too, love their diamonds and watches, not that I'll ever be able to afford any of that.) The first time I stepped in a Tiffany's in Vegas was a pretty interesting experience. My fiancé and I looked totally "touristy", not to mention after walking a whole day in the hot sun, we looked sweaty and tired. I'm surprised the sales lady said hi to us at all, haha! But the jewelry was dazzling!
Tiffany Triple triangle earrings, eighteen karat white gold $2550, they're simultaneously classic and sexy, perfect for a night at the opera.

Drop pendant necklace $2,100, absolutely gorgeous with garnets, pink sapphires and iolites on a 18K white gold chain.

Something we can afford.
Foxy Originals, $31, the pendant is made of a cluster of flowers, creating a sweet bouquet. It's ultra-feminine.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pretty headbands

I've become addicted to headbands over the last few months. Perhaps it's not a new thing, but I must say how handy they are. They instantly make your hair look neater, cuter, and effortless chic, especially for somebody who's always scrambling to get ready in the morning, I have no time to do anything interesting to my hair except brush it. I've been wearing my hair down forever, I'm extremely boring when it comes to changing my hair up a little (no matter how many magazine articles I read on easy DIY hairdos and attempt to duplicate them, it never turns out the way it should be. Girls, you have this problem too?). And my hair is not the easy-to-manage kind. Seeing as how I have 4 times the amount of hair as a normal person, it can be quite unruly (if I sleep funny the night before, I get "balls" on my head), I find headbands, especially the thick bands, can help tame my hair!

Here are some headbands I have. I wore a couple to death already:( I need to acquire new ones to replace them.

This embroidered ribbon headband $22 from Banana Republic is very classy. But I don't know how I'd wear it with my hair down because it's quite wide. I really like the headband with hair pulled-back look.

You can snatch up these great looking headbands for cheaps.

Gojane headband $2.99

Glitter headband $5.99

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Smokey-eyeshadow compacts

For somebody with very little eye crease (my left eye has a crease, but it's not very noticeable especially when in the morning my eyes are puffy. My right eye has no crease at all), I sure love the smokey eye look. It is the staple for the holiday parties. It's just really tricky apply on my Asian eyes. I skip the black eyeliner altogether. Actually I never wear eyeliners because you can't even see it if I put it on and the eyeliner would just smear right away. I just put the eyeshadow on directly, keep it close to the lashes, and with lots of layering.

There are many great smoky-eyeshadows out there. You can spend a little or a lot.

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4-kit Shadows in Stormy Lites $4.99.

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Quad Smokey Eyes $6.99

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow - Night Dust $52

Guerlain Divinora Radiant Colour Palette Touche de Brume $55

Eyelet skirt

I love skirts that have another layer peeking out from underneath that has an eyelet pattern. It's a nice detail for a more feminine touch.

*Looking at these skirts longingly*
Elie Tahari Rochelle Silk Skirt $448
Nanette Lepore
Castanet Skirt $295
Georgette Pencil Skirt $1090

Monday, November 27, 2006

Gay Paree!

Our Paris trip is still 6 months away, but I'm already getting really excited about it. I'm looking forward to lots of museums, arts and history, decadent French pastry, real French stinky fromage (according to our French friend, North American cheese is not real cheese), and of course shopping, however in my case a lot of window-shopping. Our French friend gave us two pieces of advice for visiting Paris:
1. Speak French.
2. Never ask a French person for directions.

He wasn't kidding.

The city has so many tourists, Parisian people just don't have the time of the day to stop to give directions to every one that asks them. They will ignore you if you attempt to, especially if you speak English to them. You are better off with a map.

So I'm going to pick up French lessons again. I have a "Learn French" CD that's easy to listen to. You can practice speaking with it too. It even tells you if your accent is like a tourist (i.e. terrible, lol) or a native.

So any of you been to Paris? Do you recommend any particular places I should see, besides your usual Musee National du Louvre, L'Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Notre-Dame, etc? Any shopping centres, streets, plazas that I must go to?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Watch Charms

How adorable are these watch charms from Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Apple Watch Pendant Necklace $125.

Star Charm Watch Bracelet $200.

Pear Watch Charm Necklace$125.

Steal a bag

Bluefly's having an extra 20% off on handbags just for today. I'm trying to decide between the two BCBG Max Azria bags. I also like the eggshell Kenneth Cole bag.

BCBG Max Azria black leather 'Montana' handbag $143.20.

BCBG Max Azria black leather 'Lyon' belt handbag $191.20.

Kenneth Cole New York eggshell leather stitch small circle hobo $119.20.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

High-waisted pencil skirts

High-waisted pencil skirts are sexy. They show off a woman's curves by cinching the waist and hugging the hips. Pairing one with a soft top and high heels, it just oozes "sexy secretary" to me. I wish I could wear this look to work...well, I could. But working in a software company, the dress code being t-shirt and jeans, this look would make me a little too overdressed. I wish I was an executive assistant to a VP in a law firm, lol. Alas I'm not, but I love the high-waisted pencil skirts, sophisticated and sexy at the same time.
Conspicuous Pencil Skirt $158
Rachel Roy Nicola High Waist Skirt $272
Sinclair Skirt $21.99.
Oh la la! This one has such a rich burgundy color. And it's a steal at $21.99! I saw a picture of Eva Mendez wearing a similiar red high-waisted skirt in the magazines, just can't remember whhere exactly. She looked sexy and elegant.

I would wear a simple black top to show off the skirt, like this one.
Metallic Cinched Front Sweater $68.

And these peep-toes
Jessica Simpson 'Abba' Pump $88.95.

And accessorize with delicate earrings. These maple leaf earrings are so pretty.
Jenna White Maple Leaf Earrings in Citrine $108.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Favorite summer and winter

This dress has been my favorite this year. Outside is cream colored lace with a black slip underneath. It's light and flowy, I wore it all the time in the summer. Now that's it's cold, I still can't put it away with rest of my summer wardrobe. The color's neutral enough for both seasons I think. I'm layering a shirt underneath it, wearing with tights and Mary Jane heels. With this particular top with high collar and cuffed sleeves, I think this look has a bit of victorian/gothic. Maybe next time I'll layer a red top with boots for a dressier look.

I really want to get a jumper dress. I think it's another dress that can be worn in warmer weather just by itself or in colder weather with lots of layering. It's super cute.
$289 by Aka New York

Thursday, November 23, 2006

'70 s style dress

It's a vintage '70s style dress I bought on eBay. There was a purple ribbon that came with it that it's supposed to be tired low around the hips, but the dress is too big for me around the hips and waist, I find the ribbon doesn't do much for me, so I wear a belt on the waist instead. And I find that laced up boots really work well with vintage style dresses, give it an edgier feel. I'm also keeping my tweed jacket on in the office to keep warm.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cropped jackets

Cropped jackets are so adorable. Our office is pretty chillly on most of the days. Sometimes I have to wear a light jacket or a cape.

$825 by Rachel Roy.

$360 by Alex Gaines.

$262 by Lauren Moffatt.
This one looks so cozy!

$350 by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent.
How cute is this one! Although I don't think it would stand up to the cold Canadian witer once December rolls around. But it's the cutest thing ever, almost looks like you're wearing a kid's jacket.

"French Women for All Seasons"

Do French women really do everything better? I'm excited to read this book by Mireille Guiliano. Has anybody read this book yet. If you have, let me know if you like it :) I'm waiting for my turn for it at my local library.

Here's the blurb from the publisher:
"For the legions of fans who asked for seconds after devouring French Women Don't Get Fat, a charming and practical guide to adding some joie to your vie and to your table, every day of the year.
By letter, by email and in person, readers of Mireille Guiliano's phenomenal bestseller French Women Don't Get Fat have inundated her with requests for more advice. Her answer: this buoyant new book, brimming with tips and tricks for living with the utmost pleasure and style, without gaining weight…+ Read More
For the legions of fans who asked for seconds after devouring French Women Don't Get Fat, a charming and practical guide to adding some joie to your vie and to your table, every day of the year.
By letter, by email and in person, readers of Mireille Guiliano's phenomenal bestseller French Women Don't Get Fat have inundated her with requests for more advice. Her answer: this buoyant new book, brimming with tips and tricks for living with the utmost pleasure and style, without gaining weight.
More than a theory or ideal, the French woman's way is an all-encompassing program that can be practised anytime, anywhere. Here are four full seasons of strategies for shopping, cooking and moving throughout the year. Whether your aim is finding two scoopfuls of pleasure in one of creme brulee, or entertaining beautifully when time is short and expectations are high, the answers are here. And here too are 100 new simple and appetizing recipes that feature French staples such as leeks and chocolate and many more unexpected treats besides, guaranteeing that boredom will never be a guest at your table.
Woven through this year of living "comme les francaises" are more of Mireille's delectable stories about living in Paris and New York and travelling just about everywhere else - in the voice that has already beguiled a million honorary French women. Lest anyone still wonder: here is a new compendium of reasons - both traditional and modern - why French women don't get fat."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Love deals like this!

I got this dress on Gojane for $5.99! You gotta love a crazy deal like this. Last week they had another pretty wrap dress for $5.99 and it was gone in a flash (did anybody manage to snatch up the Zindchi Dress?). It seems like they have a special going on every week. They also have some really good deals on shoes. Be sure to check it out :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Facial masks

Talika Paris Eye Therapy Patch $58 for 6 pairs.

Boy do I have serious eye baggage and dark circles today from lack of sleep. Our security system went off at 3 in the morning. We thought a burglar had broken in. Turned out that the system was malfunctioning because of bad wiring. Took us an hour to shut it off and contact the company to have them send somebody over to check it out today. Not fun. So I decided to try the Talika's eye theraphy patches that a friend got me (guess I was saving it for emergency). I think it worked pretty well, my eyes are looking less puffy now, and the skin around my eyes feels supple and dewy.

I'm a big fan of facial masks actually. I guess 'cause it feels like you're having a facial when you put on a mask and relax on the couch. And your skin looks and feels instantly better after you take it off, even if the effects are temporary. But if you use them on a regular basis, you can get some serious benefits. I think they have a much huger popularity in Asia. A lot of North American brands make facial masks for their Asian markets, e.g. Olay has very good moisturizing masks and lightening masks, but you can only buy them in Asia. And my cousin recommended to me Biotherm Source Perfection Spa Concentrate Tissue Mask Regenerating-Moisturizing $40.60, I found it on My skin needs lots of moisture in the winter after a day at work. Our office is uber dry.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yves Saint Laurent's magic brush foundation

Yves Saint Laurent Perfet Touch Radiant Brush Foundation ($50).

I personally haven't tried putting on foundation with a brush, I don't usually wear foundation, just a little powder to get rid of shine on my T-zone, but this one sounds like the perfect makeup for easy application and great coverage. According to Elle Canada, "the silky brush, made from Japanese nylon fibres, gives the natural look of a professional makeup artist's application, while its patented ingredients conceal imperfections and protest skin...Chestnut extracts and flavonoids from the larch tree work together to stimulate skin cell renewal while macro-seaweed extract ensures natural UV protection. The product glides over the skin, thanks to Ampli Light+, a proprietary combination of nylon particles and polymers that conceals minor imperfections by diffusing light in all directions for great radiance. The polymer-coated pigments keep sebum and perspiration in check."
Wow it even has sun protection (I am obsessed with sun protection)? And keeps shininess in check? Sounds perfect to me. I think I will put it on my Christmas wish list.

Christmas-y skirt

(I need better lighting for taking "What I'm wearing today" pictures.) I'm getting into the holiday spirit. Invitations to holiday dinners and parties are coming in. We're going shopping for gifts for a dinner party next Saturday, and a Christmas potluck/birthday party that a friend's hosting the Saturday after that. I'm wearig my red knit mini-skirt with knee high socks and slouchy boots. The little balls are a cute touch.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I have a Marc Jacobs? Yeah right!

I didn't even know the skirt that I'm wearing today was a Marc Jacobs skirt until I see this posting on eBay, haha! I bought mine in a clothes market in China for $13 last month and the girl didn't even tell me it was a Marc Jacobs skirt, how could she?! Me thinks it's not real, lol.

My skirt. I love it though, it's pretty cute, I wear it with tights and knee high boots, or knee high socks and ballet slipper flats.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Afforadable party dresses!

As always, I'm searching for good deals online. These are among the party dress choices that I'm considering.

Imperial Strapless Dress $44.00.

Polka Dot dress $48.

The Imperial strapless dress really got my eyes, even though I don't usualy wear such bright red as an evening dress. But it's really pretty and the fabric and the print have a bit of Chinese feel to it.

The polka dot dress is just so cute and it's not overly cutesy because of the lovely purple color. I love polka dot dresses. I have a black one that I wear during the day all the time.