Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's resolutions

Happy New Year everybody!! A new year for a new beginning! Do you have any new year's resolutions? I have a few every year and they are pretty much the same ones that I need to work on.

- Eat healthier for my overall health, especially for my skin and hair. Listen to my parents and follow Chinese food therapy, and eat things like goji berries, bird's nest soup, royal jelly and many other weird-sounding things. They don't taste good but they give you plump smooth skin and shiny hair over time.

- Exercise more. God knows I have enough fitness equipment and exercise videos at home to use.

- Be more diligent about my beauty routine. Get facials, manis and pedis or do my own facials regularly, stay on top of throughout the year, not just once in a while when I feel like it and then let it lag behind.

- Shop more! I mean, shop more discriminatingly and less impulsively, especially when it comes to sales. This one rule -- if you can't wear it with anything in your closet, don't buy it -- I should apply more.

- Spend less time on eBay and more time with my family.

What are your new year's resolutions? Please share.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tinz TV? I hope it's true!

Anyone who cares about or follows the society world of NYC knows Tinsley Mortimer is the IT girl on the scene. She gets a lot of flack for being a social climber and appearing in the media non-stop. True or not, I still quite like her style. I love her perfect blond hair, doesn't she look adorable? I read in The New York Observer that she might get her own TV series. Well, I hope it's true! She admits that she's "never done effortless chic well. I do better looking very feminine with everything tucked into its place", which works for her I think. She sticks to her own style even though some people criticize her.
And I like the look of her Samantha Thavasa bags judging from the party pictures she's in carrying them. They seem hip, bold, and trendy, which definitely has a place in a girl's wardrobe. I hope she does do a TV show, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bag a deal!

Post Christmas sales continue! Take an additional 30% off all sale items at eLUXURY's Sale Extravaganza. I'm more keen on the handbags since the discounts are so huge.

L.A.M.B. Verona Large Bowler $800 $559 $391.30

Gryson Olivia Pocket Handbag $895 $629 $440.30

Derek Lam Aggie Chain Handle Bag $1,400 $979 $685.30

Tod's Mercer Sacca Media $1,550 $1085 $759.50

Fendi B. Mix Large Coated Selleria Bag $1,410 $1,057 $739.90

Roberto Cavalli Suede Cocktail Clutch $1,195 $835 $584.50

Roberto Cavalli Pony Serpentine Clutch $1080 755 $528.50

Sephora Smokey Eye Kit

Bigs thanks to Julie and Sarah at Coutorture I was ecstatic to receive this Sephora Brand The Smokey Eye Kit ($71 Value) ($42), in time for New Year's eve. This kit makes doing smokey eye easy, which I was so excited about because I'm still trying my hardest to nail down the smokey eye mastery. It includes five Sephora Professionelle brushes (wide smudge, all over shadow, small domed smudge, detail, and dual-sided brow brush and comb), Volume Mascara in black, and an instructional how-to booklet, all coming in a chic gunmetal faux leather case to keep them clean and protected. The brushes are super soft and pick up just the right amount of shadow and sweep on smoothly. And the instructions are very easy to follow, great for a clumsy gal like me. Love this kit!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lime Tag sale at Piperlime

Shoe sale! Shop the Lime Tag Sale at for up to 40% off. Have a look if you didn't get shoes for Christmas ;)

Women: Pink Studio Donatella - Wine Women: Pink Studio Donatella - Wine $100 $74.99

Women: Poetic Licence Dear John - Green Women: Poetic Licence Dear John - Green $80 $59.99

Women: Me Too Overton - Brown Women: Me Too Overton - Brown $179 $133.99

Women: Nine West Joydon - Black Women: Nine West Joydon - Black $99 $73.99

Women: Mia Hepburn - Silver mirror leather Women: Mia Hepburn - Silver mirror leather $60 $35.99

Women: Mia Sabrina - Red/cream patent Women: Mia Sabrina - Red/cream patent $60 $32.99

Women: BCBGirls Stela - Raisin Women: BCBGirls Stela - Raisin $95 $65.99

More sales...

Hey, how'd you fare on Boxing Day shopping? We mostly were interested in furniture for our new house, but disappointingly we didn't see any great deals. I didn't pick up anything for myself at the mall since I got so much before Christmas and for Christmas, I wasn't picking up stuff like crazy just because it was on sale. My guy did very well though. He got a Guess lambskin jacket at 50% off (which looks delicious on him) and a pair of hockey skates at 50% off. As soon as we got home, I jumped on the Weeb. It's always exciting to see more sales. And a lot of times I think the online sales are much better than in store. Hmm. FashionChateau has items up to 85% off!

Rachel Pally Aloe Button Ruffle Dress $233 $163.10

Frankie B Butterfly Flap Pocket $216 $151.20

Rachel Pally Black/Cream Drape Dolman Dress $242 $169.40

Streets Ahead Gold Studded Belt $240 $48

Tied Up Sherbert Keyhole $164 $24

Sweetees Berry Ella Top $107 $74.90

LaROK Carbon Dress $167 $83.50

Christmas Gifts

I had a pretty good haul this Christmas :D. Here are some of the gifts that are fashion and beauty related that I received. I loved them all, especially the Emilio Cavallini Two Tone Tights, the Deep Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet with Diamond Accentsicon, and accessories and handbag from H&M and Mango. I guess somebody was paying attention to this blog ;)
I also got a ton of chocolate that's going to last me for a long time, a movie gift card which is great 'cause we go to the movies all the time, a gift card for HomeSense that I'll put to use once we get our house. Oh I also got a new Toshiba laptop! Which I broke the second day because it had Windows Vista (it is the devil. If you are thinking about upgrading from XP to Vista, DON'T DO IT!), I was so fed up with it I decided to wipe it and put XP on it, and that broke the computer.

So what did everybody get??