Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gifts for Mom and Dad

For those of you to whom I haven't talked in a while, my guy and I have just moved back home with my parents. We sold our previous house, and our new house is being built right now, so to save us from being homeless, we are staying with my parents for a few months. Being the traditional Chinese parents (and me being their only daughter), they were thrilled to have us. Makes me happy too that we can spend Christmas and Chinese New Year (next Feburary) together. I'd like to get them some nice gifts for Christmas this year. When asked what they want, the answer is always "you don't need to get me anything. I have everything I need." Parents are so sensible, aren't they? They never spend frivilously on themselves. So I'm just going to ignore them and get them things that they would love to have but otherwise feel guilty of buying themselves. What's everybody getting for their mom and dad? Do you have any great gift ideas? I'd love to hear about them! These are some of the things that are twirling in my head so far.

For my mom --

My mom adores pretty delicate watches. She'll probably love little charm bracelet watches.
MICHAEL Michael Kors Charm Bracelet Watch $225. Faux-tortoiseshell discs, crystal-studded discs and faceted stones dangle from an open-link bracelet featuring a round watch case as the center charm.

AK Anne Klein Charm Bracelet Watch $95

Like most women her age, my mom's really into skincare and anti-aging. She's loyal to her Estee Lauder and Yves Rocher creams. I don't think it hurts to broaden her horizon a little, so I'm going to get her some new creams to try.

Dr. Brandt V-Zone Neck Cream $60, it contains shea butter which helps sun damaged skin appear more radiant and feel silkier, and glycolic acid that stimulates cellular turnover promoting young, healthier looking skin.

L'OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Cream $50, a creamy moisturizer with anti-aging benefits: Rich and velvety, the Precious Cream is a smooth yet easily absorbed anti-aging treatment. Immortelle essential oil is concentrated into micro-capsules for controlled 24 hours release.

For my dad --

My dad's that kind of guy that keeps using the same thing until it falls apart or somebody in the family has to tell him that he should get a new one. I think it's time he got a new pair of gloves, a nice stylish buttery soft leather one.

John W. Nordstrom® Cashmere Lined Leather Glovesicon $62

And a new belt. Cole Haan has very nice conservative classy belts that are durable.

Cole Haan 'Erskine' Belt $75.

Most of the days in winter my dad wears a sweater or a polo shirt and trousers. It's pretty much his uniform being a professor. I'd love to get him a super soft cashmere sweater.
Penguin V-Neck Cotton Cashmere Sweater $98

BOSS Black 'Hobart' Cashmere Blend Polo $195

And this loafer would look great with any of his outfits.

Sperry Top-Sider® 'Seaport' Waterproof Penny Loafericon $89.95

Both my parents like home decoration stuff, so I'm going to get them some things for their home as well.

Castebel Room Spray $20, the handcrafted Portuguese glass bottle looks so pretty.

Woof & Poof Musical Penguin $42. My mom's such a kid, she loves any animal toys, especially ones that can sing, dance or have flashy lights. She will giggle to no end.

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