Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tinz TV? I hope it's true!

Anyone who cares about or follows the society world of NYC knows Tinsley Mortimer is the IT girl on the scene. She gets a lot of flack for being a social climber and appearing in the media non-stop. True or not, I still quite like her style. I love her perfect blond hair, doesn't she look adorable? I read in The New York Observer that she might get her own TV series. Well, I hope it's true! She admits that she's "never done effortless chic well. I do better looking very feminine with everything tucked into its place", which works for her I think. She sticks to her own style even though some people criticize her.
And I like the look of her Samantha Thavasa bags judging from the party pictures she's in carrying them. They seem hip, bold, and trendy, which definitely has a place in a girl's wardrobe. I hope she does do a TV show, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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