Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cowl neck sweater dresses

I'm still obsessed with sweater dresses. And I'm still quite picky about them. I was mainly looking for ones with deep v-necks as they are more slimming. Then I tried on this one with a big slouchy cowl neck. I was afraid that it would add too much bulk at the neck. But not the case! I totally loved it. You can go with a big cowl neck or a small one depending on your preference. The small ones have cleaner lines and are very cozy. The big low-hung ones make make my neck look longer.

Missoni Wave cowl neck dress $1,325.00 $662.50

Thread Social Cowl Neck Dress Thread Social Cowl Neck Dress $529

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Short Cowl Neck DressKaren Zambos Vintage Couture Short Cowl Neck Dress $341

Juicy Couture Cowl Neck Sweater DressJuicy Couture Cowl Neck Sweater Dress $198

BI LA LI Cowl neck dress $330 $165

MK2K Sweatshirt Dress MK2K Sweatshirt Dress $163

Touraine Double Breast Check Coat + Cowl-neck Knit Dress + Enamel Belt $82. You get all THREE pieces!! Holy crap that's a fantastic deal.

A# Cowl Neck Shirred Sleeve Knit Dress $62

Jean Stone Cowl Neck Acrylic Wool Tunic $25

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