Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Canada

I want to wish all my Canadian fashionista friends a fantastic Canada Day long weekend!! Eat BBQ, drink beer, and party hard! I'll be in our nation's capital city Ottawa celebrating its 140th birthday on July 1st. Can't wait!

Last day to enter

Today's the last day to enter Skirt Spot's June giveaway for a chance to win one of five $100 gift certificates!! Don't miss out.

Mini dress over jeans isn't a look for everyone

Although I don't know anything about her music, I think British pop singer Lily Allen is a quite pretty and adorable girl. And she's not a stick figure. Here she looks sweet in her swing mini, but for some reason her legs look like tree trunks, which is not an attractive look on anybody, curvy or not. She really should've ditched the jeans and just gone bare-leg or cropped leggings. Jeans worn under a mini dress is a tricky look because they add volume. For curvy girls don't need extra volume. For skinny girls, I still only recommend extra skinny jeans to put more emphasis on the bellow-y mini.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood is known for its slutty sexy lingerie. But a friend was wearing a really cute dress and I asked her where she got it, and she said "Frederick's of Hollywood!" I was like "really?" So I had to take a look at their site. And I do see quite a few dresses and shoes that I'd like to get myself too. Some of their models look kinda scary though, lol. But go ahead and check it out, you'll be surprised too. And of course, the lingerie is as sexy as ever (not my cup of tea, but definitely the kind of the stuff your honey would love, lol).



GLITTER MESH MINI DRESS $59 on sale for $39.99

STRIPED POPLIN WRAP SHIRT TOP $39.00 on sale for $29.99

VOILE HALTER TOP $49.00 on sale for $34.99



PARISIAN LACE CORSET $58 on sale for $39.99. I really like this corset though. Oh la la!

The Adorable Tee of the Day...

is this Swan Print Filled Sleeve Tee $22, from the hip Korean label Dodostyle. It is without fail that I can always find things from Dodostyle that are just so darling that it makes me so jealous of girls in Asia because the stuff is readily available to them. I wish they'd come to North America and open a store!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ms. Liz Claiborne

I'm sure many of you have heard by now that Ms. Liz Claiborne passed away on Tuesday at the age of 78 due to abdominal cancer, a condition she had been fighting for 10 years. She was one of the co-founders in 1976 of Liz Claiborne Inc., which became one of the most successful apparel companies in the world. When she retired in 1989, the publicly traded company had grown into a $1.2 billion powerhouse, generating $110.3 million in net profits. From the get-go, Claiborne had a clear idea of the clothing she wanted to design, and her groundbreaking concepts became the backbone of the better-price sportswear area of department stores. In an interview with WWD last year, Claiborne said, "The concept was to dress the American working woman because I, as a working woman with a child, didn't want to spend hours shopping. Things should be easy. You don't have to dress in that little navy blue suit with a tie. I wanted to dress her in sportier clothes and colors."

She was such a role model as a strong professional woman for all of us. Let's honor her by looking at her fabulously classic clothes and accessories at Go to the site or a store, perhaps get yourself that much-needed beautifully fit skirt or those straightleg pants for work, or that delicate bracelet right for any occasion.

White Sateen Blouse $59 and Tonal Embroidered Flare Skirt $119

Stretch Jersey Striped V-Neck $35 and Twill Audra Boot Cut Pants $69

Voluminous Roll-Tab Floral Shirt $59 and Sloane Poplin Roll-Tab Shorts $45 on sale for $32.99.

Petite Washed Linen Lace Border Dress $139 on sale for $103.90

Framed Coin Purse-Wristlet $42 on sale for $29.99! I absolutely love its retro chicness.

Social Delight CZ Multi-Strand Bracelet $38 on sale for $21.99.

LizFlex Randa Seersucker Sandals $69 on sale for $49.99

LizFlex Steffi Polka-Dot Flats $59

P.S. Liz Announcing the big summer sale! Now through July 8th, you can get an extra 25% off sale items!


Go ahead and show off

So how many bikinis/swimsuits do you own? I'm really interested in knowing that. It seems people have various opinions on that. Some say really you need a good one to carry you through the whole summer. Me...funny for someone who doesn't even know how to swim *feels ashamed*, I own a dozen. I don't even wear them all. I'll be lucky to wear the new ones I bought this year once. They aren't practical buys for me. And I guess the geography really matters. You lucky ones that live close to a beach probably shop for bikinis all the time. Anyway, I think it's one of those things that you can get even when you don't need it, you get them just 'cause they are too cute or sexy to pass up, and especially at the end of the season when they go on sale. The feeling of wearing a new bikini and knowing you look hot in is well worth it ;)

Bella Beachwear has some ultra sexy Brillian bikinis. Most of them are surpringly "wear-able", the cuts and colors are quite classic (just don't be put off by the big fake boobs). I imagine they stay in your bikini for many years to come.

Brazilian Bikini (P1724) $29.95. I really like this white bikini. It's always a classic.

Brazilian Bikini (D133) $25.46. And this one's quite daring. You hot mamas out there should flaunt it it!

Crochet Bikini (PC02) $59.95. What is it about the crochet that make a bikini so crazy sexy?

Brazilian Bikini (P2e22) $22.46. And I'm always a big fan of pretty ties on the bottom.

Summer makeup

If you're anal about the sunscreen like me, you know it's really smart to wear foundation that has suncreen as well on top of the sunscreen for double protection. Your skin will thank you. Be sure to pick a foundation that feels clean and light on the skin 'cause you know it's the summer, heavy makeup is no good. And the powder ones are perfect for touchups to ensure sun protection throughout the day.

Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Makeup SPF 15icon $28.50

Clarins True Comfort Foundation SPF 15icon $36

Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection MakeUp SPF15 # 22 CamelliaPrescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection MakeUp SPF15 $39.50

Chanel Teint Fluide Universel - Multi Vitamin Natural Makeup SPF 15 Shell 1.5Chanel Teint Fluide Universel - Multi Vitamin Natural Makeup SPF 15 $35

Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation with SPF 30 $62

Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation Refill SPF 34 PA+++icon $24

Trish McEvoy Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15icon $32