Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ojon - soul food for the hair

I get very anal protective about my hair after I got it straightened 'cause I don't want it to lose its healty lustre and smoothness. So I decided to splurge on Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment $55. This is Ojon™ i(Palm Nut Oil)n its purest form. Highly concentrated, it instantly hydrates and rebuilds your destressed hair leaving it extraordinarily soft, shiny and healthy looking. It's really amazing. It's so hydrating my hair feels incredibly silky afterwards, but it doesn't make my hair sticky and weighed down. My hair is so managable and well-behaved, even when caught in a blast of wind I can just shake my head a little and all the strands fall into place. Now that is a tough test to pass.

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