Thursday, June 14, 2007

Katie's new hair cut

Do you like Katie Holmes' new haircut? Daily Mail thinks she's copying Posh Spice's style, "The youthful Mrs Cruise, 28, has been criticised recently for dressing like a Hollywood wife several decades older since her marriage to the 44 year-old veteran actor and the birth of daughter Suri in April last year. However, her latest fashion foray in a flattering sheer leopard print frock and sky scraper black heels seems to be another example of the Posh effect along with a sexier modern haircut." I think it's a pretty cute cut. She did start looking quite matronly before, but now she looks much younger. I'm getting my annual chemical hair-straightening done today. I've been looking like an Asian Diana Ross lately when it's humid. I wish I could have my hair cut short, but it's just not suitable for short styles, my head would end up looking like a mushroom. So I'm always envious of girls who can pull off short hair styles. Katie's is fun and youthful, as long as she doesn't go peroxide blonde like Posh.

(Source: Life&Style, Daily Mail)