Friday, June 22, 2007

Get sexy gams

Who doesn't want to show off a pair of sexy lean gams in the summer? All of us, right, ladies? Expert Dr. John Berardi, exercise biochemist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, says you should do these exercises to get your legs in shape. I've been doing them at home. I absolutely hate going to the gym. It's really good for lazy people like me. It doesn't take long at all.

SITTING SQUATS. Stand up straight and hold two 10-pound hand weights; lift and keep at chest level. With your legs shoulder-width apart and your back straight, squat down, keeping our feet flat on the floor, until the backs of your thighs meet the backs of your calves. "It's like you're bending down to light a fire," says Berardi. Stand back up and repeat six sets of six times each. "This works the hamstrings and buttocks."

TOE LIFTS. Stand on the edge of a stair (as if you were on a diving board). Rise up on your toes, squeeze your calf muscle and hold for two seconds, then come back down. Repeat the movement until you feel the burn. Not only does this exercise sculpt the lower legs, but it also prevents spider veins, according to Kellett. "The muscles act like a pump, squeezing the leg veins and getting that blood back to the heart so it doesn't pool in the calves."

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(Source: Elle Canada July 2007)

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