Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you!

One of you so kindly nominated my little blog for the Trendora Lifestyle Award 2008. Thank you darling, let me know what you are :) It was such a pleasant surprise. Trendora Lifestyle Award, in their words, "is our way of recognizing the top 100 Fashion/Lifestyle sites and blogs on the web. It’s our way of thanking you for an exceptional contribution to a world more stylish, glamorous and chic." Sounds excellent. I, for one, am looking forward to reading the winning sites and blogs. But most importantly, thank you my fashionista friends for reading mine :D

Extra 20% off on handbags at SmartBargains

Somebody emailed me about the Extra 20% off Handbags sale at SmartBargains. Since slashes the retail prices pretty quickly, I decided to take a look. I see some bags I like. The rest are a bit boring or season-inappropriate. Check out the sale and you might find something else you like.

Cole Haan Aerin Large North-South Leather Satchel $475 $249.99 + 20% off. Totally functional. The double outer pockets remind me of the Corina bags. I'm sure that's where Cole Haan got the idea from.

Michael Kors Jet Set Small Patent Box Satchel $198 $99.99 + 20% off. Very cute, great for going to lunches or doing coffee dates 'cause you just want to look cute, not lug around a ton of stuff.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Large Shopper $178 $99.99 + 20% off. J'adore shoppers 'cause if the purchased items are small enough, I like to stuff them all in my shopper instead of toting several plastic bags.

Perlina Waxy Leather Satchel $165 $99.99 + 20% off. Another nice everyday bag, gorgeous red leather has a little shine but is not overly flashy. The two large front open top pockets will be very handy.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Metallic Clutch $198 $89.97 + 20% off. If you want a evening clutch that's not gold or silver, this deep shimmery blue is a nice alternative.

Cole Haan Leather Double Flap Wallet $125 $69.99 + 20% off. Really like the dark forest green shade. I've wanted a green wallet forever.

Sale ends February 3rd.

Looking like a lady

NY Times thinks judging from the recent pre-fall shows, the direction that fashion's taking is The Newly Uptight, conservative and good tailoring. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs are among the designers going that way. "In collections for fall that American designers plan to present starting on Friday, when another Fashion Week begins in New York, many will jettison the baby-doll dresses, the thigh-high skirts and the disco boots of the spirited Warhol years — touchstones of recent seasons — in favor of a meticulously tailored look that evokes the White House years of Jacqueline Kennedy.

“That moment resonates with a lot of people and how they want to live,” said Michael Kors, whose runway show on Wednesday will cater to the fantasy. “There is not a minidress to be found, not a platform shoe in sight. And ‘suit’ is not going to be a dirty word.”

His show and others’ are expected to pay homage to a period, the late ’50s and early ’60s, that was, in retrospect, an interlude of prosperity and stability, one enriched by material comforts as substantial as a Steuben crystal cocktail shaker."

I personally love this look. As I'm becoming more mature (*chuckles*), I would like to dress more like a lady than a girl. I'm working on that.

Mrs. Loel Guinness and Mrs. Winston Guest upheld the proprieties of the 1950s with rigorously simple sheaths.

A RETREAT Period echoes have resurfaced in recent seasons, and will most likely make an impact in the fall. Poised for a comeback are skirt suits, bouffant skirts and sheaths like those in “Mad Men.”

An advertisement from the 1950s.


Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.

Michael Kors.


Things that will put you in a romantic mood

I've been in the mood to dress in all kinds of romantic-looking garments as Valentine's Day's approaching. And all I'm interested in looking at is romantic pieces.

Robert Rodriguez Sequin Tank $407. Love that the sequins are not so in-your-face. And you gotta have a bow. It does soften things up a little more.

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Poppy Print Dress $595, so spring-y and refreshing! It'll be even more perfect if you and your honey are going on a cruise or resort vacation.

Juicy Couture Silk and Lace Shift Dress $298. Lace, silk and ruffles, you don't get more romantic than this. And check out the peeking slip, very ingenue-y.

Anna Sui Basketweave Skirt in Black $175. So much more than a black skirt, the ruchings are just what a plain black skirt needs.

Jenny Han Rosette Dress in Fog $180. Seems that when you speak of romance, you must have rosettes.

Hanky Panky Baby Doll Chemise with G-String Hanky Panky Baby Doll Chemise with G-String $82, so pretty. Wear it for yourself, it's sure to put you in a sexy mood.

Rosette Babydoll $19.99, more rosettes plus the softest pink, doesn't get more pretty than this.

Floral Chiffon Flutter Top $19.99

Pollini Patent Wedge Pollini Patent Wedge $555. The most fabulous wedges I've ever seen! If shoes could exude passion, these would. I don't know if the price tag would put me in a romantic mood, so maybe it's best left to be a gift from someone? hehe ;)

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Shoes Laurie-Peep Toe Flat with Elastic Throat Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Shoes Laurie-Peep Toe Flat with Elastic Throat $240, one of the prettiest flats ever!

DAVIS by Ruthie Davis Video Mary Jane Pump DAVIS by Ruthie Davis Video Mary Jane Pump $498, sexy as heck! A shoe that could melt a woman's and a man's heart.

Gazebo by Bettye Muller $375 $229. Old-school chic, eh? The name is Gazebo, but it doesn't mean you gotta wear them to a garden party. Since the color and print are soft-spoken, wear 'em with something funky for contrast.

Yarborough Jewelry Ribbon Ring Yarborough Jewelry Ribbon Ring $88, what an ingenious idea! Take a simple silver ring and tie a silk ribbon on it, voila, it's an adorable and elegant accessory for your delicate digit.

Butterfly Necklace $6.99, butterflies are symbols of romance. We all grew up being fascinated by these beautiful creatures.