Tuesday, January 22, 2008

£15 suit - the world's possibly cheapest suit

(Robert Colvile test drives the new £15 suit by Asda)

I was so amused by this article, A suit for £15? What would they say in Savile Row? in which Robert Colvile of Telegraph ventures into the most stylish part of London in possibly the cheapest item of clothing he has ever owned, a £15 suit by Asda. The suit is made of 100% polyester (no big surprise here, £15 ain't going to get you wool or cashmere). While the polyester made the men turn their noses up at it, "my colleagues are quite impressed with the line and cut - until they get close. Close up, 100 per cent polyester material is slightly sticky to the touch, and glistens oddly. Five individuals warn me to steer clear of open flames." Lol. And at the upscale Savile Row, a gentleman said "Oh, I wouldn't polish my car with it…" Hilarious! The conclusion was it is "a suit for those who don't wear suits. With repeated use, it would wear quickly, and in hot weather it would roast you alive. But for a university interview - or, echoing comments made in 2001 by Topman's David Shepherd, "first court case" - it would do fine. In fact, the feeling is that it would be a good deal at twice the £25 price." And it's all polyester so it's machine-washable, which will save tons on dry-cleaning bills. So this cheapie suit has its place in the world.

So would you buy your man this suit?

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