Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guy's Perspective - paint jeans

Justice Flap Pocket Slim Bootcut in Dark

CoutureCandy offers $25 off any jean for the new year with code NEWJEANS. But look at these ridiculous Justice Flap Pocket Slim Bootcut Jeans in Dark ($211). I wouldn't take these jeans if they offered me $200 off. My guy has something to say too.

Wow that's just awesome! This is like the jean equivalent of the mullet. Except somewhat backwards these jeans all party up front and business in the back. If I saw you wearing these jeans I would probably ask you if you were painting your house and forgot to change. Then again I don't even think you'd actually paint your house silver, so maybe not. I guess the faded worn jeans thing was popular for a while but I don't think the "paintin' jeans" is a trend that really needs to catch on. However if you think this look is cool you could always grab your favourite old pair of jeans and lie face down in your preferred shade of Benjamin Moore latex. I recommend the low gloss.

Stay away from these jeans, girls! There are many other fabulous options, such as Charmer Slim Boot in Iodine ($172).

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