Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Purse Hook - ClipChic by Stylagio

I'm sure by now you've heard if bag hooks, those nifty little things that you can take with you and allow you to hang your handbag off any table top and keep it clean and within your sight. Restaurants are especially a good candidate for these. So you don't have to keep your bag on your lap, or behind your back on your chair, or worse, on the floor. The lovely Anne at Stylagio recently sent me her own design of a purse hook, the ClipChic, to try.

I got it in the tres pretty Juicy Plum ($19.95). I gotta say it's so handy and it looks so charming, people have asked me if it's some sort of accessories that I wear before they learn what it really is. The hook itself is foldable. It wraps around the button and lies flat. When I'm done, I tuck it in the little velvet pouch that came with and throw it in my bag. It's so compact it doesn't take any room at all. And it's quite sturdy for such a small gadget. It can handle my heavy bag containing a pair of heels, a paperback, a bottle of water plus other zillion things with no problem! Anne offers a special coupon code CHOU20 for Ma Petite Chou readers for 20% off plus free shipping right now. You should get one for yourself if you want to take better care of your handbags in the new year, which is one of my new year's resolutions ;)

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