Saturday, December 30, 2006

Guy's perspective

When I browse the Internet for new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, I like to ask my hubby "what do you think of this?" when I see something interesting/pretty/cute/funny/outrageous/etc., he always has something funny to say. You really know that when it comes to fashion, men and women truly think differently. Whether I agree with him or not, I always get a good chuckle.

Here's what he thought of this shoe when I was looking at shoes (I'm always looking at shoes). I said I must share this with my fashionista friends.

When I first saw these style of shoes I thought "What the Fuck." I assumed they were for women who had (through means of a genetic mutation) a ridiculous long middle toe. Apparently that's not the case and women choose to actually wear these things for "fashion." My first thought is "Wicked Witch of the West." The crazy-pointy style just makes me think "witch" for some reason. Sometimes it also brings to mind some type of segmented flying insect like a hornet or a wasp. Needless to say I find this style ugly, I really can't justify it more than that. Did I mention I'm allergic to wasps?

Want more dresses

Tonight we're getting together with some friends for pre-New Year's dinner. I like to wear one of my light chiffon dresses with a top layered underneath for a casual but a little bit dressy look. I just got this dress on eBay. I can't stop shopping even though the after-Christmas sales have been disappointing. So I've been looking on eBay as usual. These are from a couple of my favorite sellers, Ever-PrettyUS and Aaronkai2006 Online Shopping Mall.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Strapless's a tricky thing

(source: NY Times).

Have you decided on what to wear for New Year's Eve? I'm thinking of wearing one of my black strapless cocktail dresses, which will require a strapless bra. Over the years I've bought so many that don't work. Finally I bought one at La Senza that cost an obscene amout but it's actually pretty good and secure. I also have a NuBra, which stays up but is not the most comfortable thing to wear, and it's a pain to peel it off. I only wear it when the dress is very low-back or backless. I think most of us don't like to wear strapless bras, but we like strapless dresses, so we keep searching for the perfect strapless bra. New York Times has this interesting article about strapless bras. An Annual Letdown: The Strapless Bra.

From nipple covers that resemble baby jellyfish to stick-on bras that look like rubber yarmulkes, today’s high-tech designs are reusable, lightweight and often more comfortable and natural looking than traditional strapless bras, particularly when worn under sheer or thin fabrics. But they are about as sexy as surgical bandages or, as more than one woman put it, chicken cutlets. Removing one in front of a lover conjures cooking with Paula Deen, not the romance of French lace.

Haha! Isn't that the truth?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas gifts

Here are some of the cute things I got for Christmas. Cute knick-knacks and accessories are always my favorite among other gifts, even the big expensive items. I can never have too many of them and they don't cost much at all.

So I got some fashion necklaces, a boat load of headbands 'cause I'm obsessed with headbands at the moment, some knee-high socks, a fat stuffed cat that feels so soft and squishy (great for cuddling on the couch), a StarBucks gift card (to get my frappucino fixes), a white leather clutch (a surprisingly roomy one that can hold my wallet, cellphone, BlackBerry and keys), and my favorite one of them all is the Happy Bunny cellphone charm that says "I'm not spoiled. I deserve all my stuff". Haha! I love Happy Bunny.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day shopping

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!! I got a bunch of cute knick-knacks for Christmas, which I will post as soon as I take some pictures.

I went shopping on Boxing Day (after-Christmas sale) today. It was PANDEMONIUM, I tell ya. All the stores were PACKED, it was a battle to get to the good stuff. So after only a couple of hours I was exhausted. I was disappointed at the sales this year. There weren't lots of good sales, I didn't end up buying much. Here are some of the stuff I bought. Luckily Boxing Day sales continue throughout this whole week, I'll probably go shopping again tomorrow, hopefully it won't be so crazy.

I"ve been looking for a plaid jumper dress for quite a while and I finally found one. It has belt loops around the hips, so I might experiment putting a belt there. But it might not need a belt at all. I'm happy with this dress, I can layer all kinds of tops underneath it. I also bought a bunch of turtle-necks for layering.

I bought this belted tunic and the skinny jeans at the same store without even trying them on (you couldn't get a fitting room without waiting for an hour). Thank goodness they fit...well kind of, the jeans are a little loose :(

I also wanted a sweater dress, so I was quite a happy to find this red one. It's quite form-fitting, I just have to remember to wear a thong if I don't go with the jean route, haha!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Boxing Day Shopping!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!

And a wish to my fellow Canadian fashion divas -- hope you all have a fruitful Boxing Day on the 26th! (I'll be getting up at 6 a.m. We plan on buying a digital camera and a big HDTV at Future Shop and BestBuy, and lots and lots of clothes and shoes and bags....Hopefully I'll have things worth showing here afterwards).

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mikey and Minnie

I don't know why Disney cartoons seem so festival during this time of the year. I just love them! Mickey and Minnie especially, even since I was a kid. I really want this Swarovkis Mickey and Minnie Bangle!
Swarovski Mickey and Minnie Bangle $180. It is ridiculously cute and pretty! I also want this Mickey Mouse Mobile Phone Accessory $90. My phone would look so charming with this. I'm putting them on my wist list for my birthday (it's coming up in January ;).

Mickey Mouse Charm Necklace $16 and Pink Crystal Minnie Pendant Necklace $17.50. These two are steals!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wow is that Tara Reid?

Tara Reid at the LA Premiere of Black X-Mas at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Wow...just wow. She looks gorgeous there. I could hardly believe it's her. She really cleaned up her looks, 'cause for the longest time all we saw in trash mags was about how horrible she looked, how much she was bearing her fake boobs, and how terrible her style sense was (along with how drunk and how big of a party animal she was). This is such a pleasant surprise. Her champagne-colored dress is so elegant (LOVE that dress!), her hair-do is very cute and her makeup is soft and perfect. And I think she trimmed down a bit too(maybe little lipo? but it's all good).

Guitar face or O-face?

Well...this one doesn't have anything to do with fashion, but I had to post it 'cause it's hilarious!

"The disheveled mane and squeezed-shut eyes. The sweaty brows and parted lips. Without the audio cues, some emotive rockers bear an uncanny resemblance to porn stars. Take a closer look at these facial acrobatics and see if you can tell who’s nailing a solo and who’s straining to deliver a big finish."
Go to to see you can guess if each picture is a rock star or a porn star. It's fun!!

(Can you tell who it is in the picture? Got me fooled.)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

What trend have you not given into?

So out of all the current fashion trends, skinny jeans, leggings, opaque tights, cropped jackets/capes, etc., which one(s) have you not given into? For me, it's the ankle boots!

I know, shocking, isn't it? I'm probably the last person on the planet who hasn't bought a pair of ankle boots this year. I just can't bring myself to like them. I actually do own a pair of ankle boots that I bought in 1999 I think (woah that was a LONG time ago!). They were the platform ones too. I'd take a picture but they are in storage at my parents'. I don't know what possessed me to buy them, I guess it's like every other trend, it seemed like a good idea then. I just think ankle boots look great on tall models with skinny legs, but on people of average height, they make your legs look shorter because they cut the line off at the ankle. Am I making sense? It's the opposit of pointy-toe pumps which elongate your legs. And ankle boots draw attention to your calves somehow, so you better have shaplely calves! I'm sure lots of girls out there disagree with me and rock the ankle boots. The only way I'd wear ankel boots is with wide-leg pants, but then I'd just rather pumps instead. If I want to wear a dress or a skirt, I stick with knee-high boots.

Here's a piece of advice on how to wear ankle boots with a skirt from David Clemmer, co-founder of the artist rep agency Judy Inc. and wardrobe consultant for W Network's Style by Jury, in Loulou magazine. "A pencil or trumpet skirt works best -- especially if you're going for an upscale office-gal look. David does caution against pairing ankle boots with an A-line skirt, though: "The look can easily come across as frumpy.""

I'll also add that it's best to keep the tights and the boots the same color tone to keep your legs streamlined.

(Proenza Schouler)


What kind of person are you? By that I mean, are you a bag person, a shoe person, a jeans person, etc. I'm a shoe person by far, perhaps a bag person come close second, and a dress person third. I love classy pumps, sexy sandals, funky boots and cutesy flats. I admit I have an addiction to buying shoes. I have shoes in my closet that I haven't worn yet.

Nevertheless, that doesn't stop me from buying more. I dream of the day that I could own a pair by Christian Louboutin. Louboutin has definitely been the "it" shoe label this year. It is being lusted after like Manolos were. With price tags go from $700 and upwards, only the rich and famous can afford them. There are so many knock-offs out there. Thesedays, it seems every girl is sporting the flatform pumps. But no matter how they try to make the knock-offs look like the real thing, they can never come close. Imagine your feet in this beauty...*sniff sniff*

Off white satin, gold lace pumps with the Louboutin's signature red sole. I don't even want to know how much these cost. Unless I mysteriously acquire $1,000 this week(just an estimate for this shoe), I'll have to be looking for knock-offs. Any of you shoe divas have seen any good knock-offs for this one yet? I take a slight lower heel and non-red sole *again...sniff sniff*.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's your must-have skincare product?

The cold winter weather and dry indoor heat is not good for anybody's skin. What's your skincare routine like in the winter? Do you have a must-have product? It seems no matter what new cream I try, I always end up going back to Signature Club A by Adrienne's Advanced Formula 5 Essentials creme $24.95. Signature Club A has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I first got introduced to it when they were selling it on Canada's Shopping Channel 6 years ago. Then they stoppped selling the line at the Shoppping Channel. *So sad*. Now I'm forced to buy it on eBay. It's definitely not an expensive cream by any means (Have you seen some EXPENSIVE ones out there? OHMYGOD!). I just love this stuff. You get face cream and eye cream in one package. It's loaded with Vinoplex grape polyphenol antioxidants, AHAs and retinol. Compared with a lot of other moisturizers I've tried, its texture is unbeatable. It feels so clean and smooth on the skin, gets absorbed quickly, not greasy at all (I have combination skin, I don't need more grease on my t-zone), but it also keeps the areas around my eyes well-hydrated throughout the day, 'cause it's so easy to get fine lines around the eyes (I just hate that!) after sitting in the office for a day. If you are looking for a really good anti-aging moisturizer, I definitely recommend this one. And for you lucky fashionistas in the States, you can easily order it on HSN!
I've also become a big fan of Tint of Color Morning Pearl Creme with Dead Sea Minerals and Caviar $19.50. Mmm...caviar, so luxurious for the skin.

Adrienne always has fantastic kits at great prices!

Pretty Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle Gellar strolls along on the set of 'Suburban Girl'.
Source: Page Six

How pretty is Sarah Michelle Gellar's outfit! I love the top, it's so feminine and lady-like. I love tops like this, soft texure, rich solid color, and pretty ruffles. Does anybody know what top this is from?
I'm not a fan of leather pants, but these work in the whole ensemble. Also helps if you're slim like Sarah Michelle. And the shoes and the bag are just freakin' fabulous too. She looks sex-and-the-city hot rather than "suburban", that's for sure!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Purse Boutique

I recently discovered this online handbag store Purse Boutique. Perhaps you fashionistas all know about this one. I don't know why I didn't find it earlier 'cause I absolutely love their bags! You can find tons of designer-inspired handbags at fantastic prices. And many (especially the big ones) look high-quality and sturdy, which is very important to me. We certainly don't want to tote around a cheap-looking bag, even if we can't afford crazy expensive designer bags *sigh, I'm still waiting for an invite to a Prada sample sale*.

There are so many I want to get. It's really hard to pick and choose.

Beige Double Ring ''Trista'' Purses $29.95. I really like the braided shoulder straps, just the right amount of details added to a simple creamy smooth looking tote.

Blackened Brown ''Eva'' Alligator Purses $34.95. Love this rich-looking alligator effect on this bag. You'd look like one of those society ladies who luncheons (hehe :).

Red Oversized Kelly Bags $39.95. For those of us who can't afford the real Kelly bag, this is a good alternative. Unfortunately this red one is out of stock. Darnit. They still have it in black and brown, both are cute, but of course the red one was the cutest. Hopefully they'll re-stock it soon.

Beige ''Bauletto'' Weekender Travel Bag $39.95. It's a great travel bag, with the dimension of 9" height, 15" length, 6.5" width, you can put a lot of your travel essentials in there.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Christmas is fast approaching. How's everybody doing with their Christmas shopping? I'm so not done. The gifts I ordered online haven't arrived yet. I really really hope they get here before this Friday. For myself, I don't really need anything, so I didn't ask for much, just some cute knick-knacks, cute socks and inexpensive fashion jewelry 'cause you know I like cute little things that don't cost much money :D

I'd like to wish all you fabulous fashionistas a very
Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!!
I hope you get everything you were wishing for and more, and your loved ones LOVE everything you got them too. But most importantly, I hope you have the most wonderful time with your family and friends and the most precious memories to hold dear to your heart!

Cute Chrismas trees

So are everybody's houses decorated with Christmas trees and lights now? We're behind the decorating this year, really behind. We haven't busted out our Christmas tree. Where would we put our presents? Oh dear! We should probably do that this week. I'm thinking of getting a couple mini trees to put on the tables. They are such adorable accents for the home. And no mess afterwards (i.e. pine needles) to clean up.

Hofland Scarlet Feather Tree, about $20.

Hofland Festive Berry Tree.

Things Remembered Personalized Christmas Tree Frame $31.52.

Tabletop Christmas Trees 8", Small Silver and Glass Cone Tree Centerpiece on sale for only $9.03!

Acrylic Red/White Tree $24.97, a peppermint color theme.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sheer glamour and sophistication by cluthes

I've grown quite fond of clutches lately, which is a nice change for somebody who's always lugging around gigantic bags (one time when I was buying a huge bag in a store, the saleslady said "the bag is bigger than you"). I recently bought a black patent leather clutch that I took with me to my company's Christmas party. I like it so much that I've been dubbing it as a day-clutch as well (maybe this is a fashion faux fas, but I don't care). I'm thinking of getting more clutches to carry during the day. A clutch really elevates your style, adds an understated sophistication no other bags can do. And it forces me to organize my stuff much better. I certainly don't need all my cards with me at one time, and I don't need 10 tubes of lip gloss in one bag either.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Wristlet $475 at eluxury. Mmm...I love it, it's so simple and chic, with just enough guilting (not all over), and the gold buckle is just the right size (I don't like giant buckles to be honest). If you get it now, shipping is free during the holiday season :).

Rodo Crystal Orchid Clutch $625 at net-a-porter. Oh my! The Swarovski crystal orchid design is absolutely stunning.

Another beatiful clutch from Rodo, Dinah suede clutch $495 on sale for $297 at net-a-porter. I like the rushing and the Swarovski crystals on either side.

What a vixen! I love Bebe's clutches. This one, Neda Patent Leather Clutch, $220 on sale for $132!!

Bebe's Mesh Patchwork Clutch $119 on sale for $62.99. "Clutch has mesh and snake-like patchwork detail and diagonal flap closure." This one I can definitely use for day or evening, it's not that tiny ;p.

Santa Gloss is coming to town

Sending your girlfriends a greeting card for the holidays is a good thing, but imagine sending them a Cargo glossyGreetings card decorated with a little bubble of lipgloss. How cute is this! They can brighten up their smiles right away while reading your heart-warming good wishes. What a clever idea. You can get a set of 5 blank cards (rose shimmer gloss) for $12 at Sephora.

There's also the Holiday GlossyGreeting Tags, A set of 5 seasonal gift tags with a little button of CARGO lip gloss in Bora Bora (vibrant rose) built right in, for $7.50. So adorable!

Variety is good sometimes

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere screening of the FX Network's 'Dirt' at the Paramount Theater in L.A. (Source: Page Six.)

Please stop the boringness, Jen! I know you have found a style that suits you and those snarky Hollywood stylists/judges say that you do not make fashion mistakes. But I swear I've seen you in something similar to this black shirt/dress/shirt dress a million times. Of course you don't make mistakes. How can you when all you wear is the same thing over and over and over again? Please add some colors and different shapes to your wardrobe. You will look refreshed (not "Homely" as Kimberly Stewart said, not that we pay any attention to what that Paris-wannabe says).

May I make a suggestion for a pretty day dress? This one is still safe, but different.

Silk crepe dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs, $370 at net-a-porter.

While we are browsing, can I just say I LOVE this Development Silk flutter sleeve dress $385!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas party outfit

Tonight's my company's Christmas party. I was originally going to wear my black cocktail dress, but I opted for this pink one instead 'cause I thought I always wore black dresses, I should switch it up a bit. I got this black patent clutch this week very last minute.

I love this faux fur capelet. It's so soft and warm. It was a gift from my aunt in China. It's a rich ruby color with beautiful floral embroidery. I don't have to worry that the hall will be chilly as it always was the years before. I've been dying to wear it, now I finally have an occasion to wear it!

One thing really annoys me is that I never have time to do anything to my hair. I have to get ready in 30 minutes (we still had to work today). I'm just going to put on a glitzy headband. And I have little time to do my makeup too. All I can say is "thank goodness for fake eyelashes!"