Saturday, December 30, 2006

Guy's perspective

When I browse the Internet for new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, I like to ask my hubby "what do you think of this?" when I see something interesting/pretty/cute/funny/outrageous/etc., he always has something funny to say. You really know that when it comes to fashion, men and women truly think differently. Whether I agree with him or not, I always get a good chuckle.

Here's what he thought of this shoe when I was looking at shoes (I'm always looking at shoes). I said I must share this with my fashionista friends.

When I first saw these style of shoes I thought "What the Fuck." I assumed they were for women who had (through means of a genetic mutation) a ridiculous long middle toe. Apparently that's not the case and women choose to actually wear these things for "fashion." My first thought is "Wicked Witch of the West." The crazy-pointy style just makes me think "witch" for some reason. Sometimes it also brings to mind some type of segmented flying insect like a hornet or a wasp. Needless to say I find this style ugly, I really can't justify it more than that. Did I mention I'm allergic to wasps?


SDMC said...

Too funny! But he's probably right.

Anna said...

Haha, that's very spot on.

Rebecca said...

That's funny! And so true. It's great to get their perspective.

But sometimes going shoe-mocking at the Rack (or whatever you have there) goes a bit too far!

S. said...

Freakin hilarious! I love a guy that can give an opinion and is humorous!

Diana said...

OMG, I laughed so hard at the long middle toe part!
The only problem is that when my husband makes comments like that I can't NOT see his point and ultimately think the shoes are ugly, even though two seconds ago I was about to buy it...maybe that's a good thing, it saves me some money (for more shoes of course :)