Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day shopping

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!! I got a bunch of cute knick-knacks for Christmas, which I will post as soon as I take some pictures.

I went shopping on Boxing Day (after-Christmas sale) today. It was PANDEMONIUM, I tell ya. All the stores were PACKED, it was a battle to get to the good stuff. So after only a couple of hours I was exhausted. I was disappointed at the sales this year. There weren't lots of good sales, I didn't end up buying much. Here are some of the stuff I bought. Luckily Boxing Day sales continue throughout this whole week, I'll probably go shopping again tomorrow, hopefully it won't be so crazy.

I"ve been looking for a plaid jumper dress for quite a while and I finally found one. It has belt loops around the hips, so I might experiment putting a belt there. But it might not need a belt at all. I'm happy with this dress, I can layer all kinds of tops underneath it. I also bought a bunch of turtle-necks for layering.

I bought this belted tunic and the skinny jeans at the same store without even trying them on (you couldn't get a fitting room without waiting for an hour). Thank goodness they fit...well kind of, the jeans are a little loose :(

I also wanted a sweater dress, so I was quite a happy to find this red one. It's quite form-fitting, I just have to remember to wear a thong if I don't go with the jean route, haha!


BeautyGirl23 said...

I really like the red sweater dress.

Gabriella Tinelli said...
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Gabriella Tinelli said...

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Ciao Gabriella

Gabriella Tinelli said...

Hi Moi, I don't think it's unusual communicate with anyone of us that love fashion and with who's make this job.

Anyway, thank you for your comment, hope to see you again on my blog, I 'll wish you happy holidays.

Ciao, see you soon Gabriella

S. said...

Love the tunic and sweater dress. Red is such a great hit of colour in these drab days!

Rina said...

Where is the sweater dress from? too cute!