Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are so easy to wear. I put on my blue pashmina scarf on for some warmth for the office and for a little bit of color. I'd also love a pair of red pumps to go with the black dress and tights (with a warm-colored scarf). I ordered a pair on eBay, still waiting for them to get here!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my site! I just snagged the cutest pair of red pointy toe flats at Payless for half off, so I can totally understand the red shoe obsession.

Shirt dresses are so versatile. I wish more women understood the bliss of a simple dress.

How did you find my site? Would you like to exchange links?



Moi said...

Hey Sarah, yes let's exchange links! but sorry I seem to have lost your link, and I can't access your profile. You mind posting it here? Thanks!!

emigre said...

Love how you worked the scarf into the outfit. I don't have a single shirtdress, prob b/c I don't find ones that fit my bust. Prob just need to buy better brands instead of discount ones.

marinamode said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?
Marina (from France)

Rebecca said...

My daughters and I have been looking for shirtdresses for awhile now. That looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

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