Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sheer glamour and sophistication by cluthes

I've grown quite fond of clutches lately, which is a nice change for somebody who's always lugging around gigantic bags (one time when I was buying a huge bag in a store, the saleslady said "the bag is bigger than you"). I recently bought a black patent leather clutch that I took with me to my company's Christmas party. I like it so much that I've been dubbing it as a day-clutch as well (maybe this is a fashion faux fas, but I don't care). I'm thinking of getting more clutches to carry during the day. A clutch really elevates your style, adds an understated sophistication no other bags can do. And it forces me to organize my stuff much better. I certainly don't need all my cards with me at one time, and I don't need 10 tubes of lip gloss in one bag either.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Wristlet $475 at eluxury. Mmm...I love it, it's so simple and chic, with just enough guilting (not all over), and the gold buckle is just the right size (I don't like giant buckles to be honest). If you get it now, shipping is free during the holiday season :).

Rodo Crystal Orchid Clutch $625 at net-a-porter. Oh my! The Swarovski crystal orchid design is absolutely stunning.

Another beatiful clutch from Rodo, Dinah suede clutch $495 on sale for $297 at net-a-porter. I like the rushing and the Swarovski crystals on either side.

What a vixen! I love Bebe's clutches. This one, Neda Patent Leather Clutch, $220 on sale for $132!!

Bebe's Mesh Patchwork Clutch $119 on sale for $62.99. "Clutch has mesh and snake-like patchwork detail and diagonal flap closure." This one I can definitely use for day or evening, it's not that tiny ;p.


BeautyGirl23 said...
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S said...

Heh, same here! I've been eyeing so many clutches recently. It's just funny because I used to not pay attention to clutches at all. Just yesterday I picked one up after falling in love with it.

Hmmm, the Rodo Crystal Orchid Clutch is gorgeous...too bad it's... $625!

Marina said...

Lovely handbags !

The Glossy Ed. said...

I need the quilted marc jacobs...wondering if it's too late to put it on my wish list??

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Lovely clutches! I'm in the market for a nice clutch but its so hard to find one here in Malaysia. Nice blog btw :) I blog about beauty related stuff so I guess we have something in common :)

Dinah said...

I love the Marc Jacobs one since it is perfect for the day or night.