Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pretty Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle Gellar strolls along on the set of 'Suburban Girl'.
Source: Page Six

How pretty is Sarah Michelle Gellar's outfit! I love the top, it's so feminine and lady-like. I love tops like this, soft texure, rich solid color, and pretty ruffles. Does anybody know what top this is from?
I'm not a fan of leather pants, but these work in the whole ensemble. Also helps if you're slim like Sarah Michelle. And the shoes and the bag are just freakin' fabulous too. She looks sex-and-the-city hot rather than "suburban", that's for sure!


discothequechic said...

ooh, I love it, shes working those shiny trousers very well!

S xx

Dinah said...

I love that top and I hope someone can tell where it is from.... I am not a big fan of the leather pants but the bag and shoes are killer.

S. said...

I actually don't care about the outfit. However, the colour/style of her hair and lipstick are great and red is very flattering on her.

ambika said...

I love the top too. Not so much the shiny pants but then I tend to dislike things I know won't flatter *me*. It looks fine on her.