Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's your must-have skincare product?

The cold winter weather and dry indoor heat is not good for anybody's skin. What's your skincare routine like in the winter? Do you have a must-have product? It seems no matter what new cream I try, I always end up going back to Signature Club A by Adrienne's Advanced Formula 5 Essentials creme $24.95. Signature Club A has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I first got introduced to it when they were selling it on Canada's Shopping Channel 6 years ago. Then they stoppped selling the line at the Shoppping Channel. *So sad*. Now I'm forced to buy it on eBay. It's definitely not an expensive cream by any means (Have you seen some EXPENSIVE ones out there? OHMYGOD!). I just love this stuff. You get face cream and eye cream in one package. It's loaded with Vinoplex grape polyphenol antioxidants, AHAs and retinol. Compared with a lot of other moisturizers I've tried, its texture is unbeatable. It feels so clean and smooth on the skin, gets absorbed quickly, not greasy at all (I have combination skin, I don't need more grease on my t-zone), but it also keeps the areas around my eyes well-hydrated throughout the day, 'cause it's so easy to get fine lines around the eyes (I just hate that!) after sitting in the office for a day. If you are looking for a really good anti-aging moisturizer, I definitely recommend this one. And for you lucky fashionistas in the States, you can easily order it on HSN!
I've also become a big fan of Tint of Color Morning Pearl Creme with Dead Sea Minerals and Caviar $19.50. Mmm...caviar, so luxurious for the skin.

Adrienne always has fantastic kits at great prices!

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Dinah said...

You have totally sold me on these products that I have to try them.