Saturday, December 2, 2006

Holiday gift ideas

We're going to a friend's Christmas party next Saturday. There will be a gift exchange among all the people who are at the party. So we each need to bring a gift that is not gender specific. I'm trying to narrow down to a few choices. The first few that came to my mind was household stuff, like kitchenware. But kitchenware is tricky because you don't know what they want or need, you sure don't want to give something they already have or they think it's useless. I'm thinking of home decor items, especially now most of our friends own their houses/condos, they could always use some pretty decorative things.

I found a couple of home decor pieces from our Canada's own shopping channel.

loisonne Flower Votive Holders with Wooden Stand $28.88

Polish Stoneware Wall Key Holder $46.99


emigre said...

Home gifts are great, people usually won't think of getting these for themselves. Or, how about stationery, like a leather agenda from or They could work for a lot of people.

Moi said...

Thanks, emigre! I'll have to check those out.