Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas shopping

So the mania of Christmas shopping has begun. The mall hours have been extended, thankfully, for two more hours.
I'm running around doing loads of shopping and errands after work today. Instead of dark colors of the winter, I kinda miss the lighter colors. So I decided to put on a light pink shirt with caramel shorts. But of course I still needed black tights and boots to keep my legs warm. I find that if you wear warm tights and warm boots, the cold can be tolerable while walking from store to store outside or to your car in the parking lot.

Happy Christmas shopping! Don't forget to pick somethin' somethin' up for yourself too on each trip ;) I've been eyeing these pretties at Le Chateau for a while.


ambika said...

You know, I didn't think I liked the winter shorts look but you really pull it off. It looks great, especially with the floaty pink top.

Moi said...

Oh thanks ambika!