Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Holiday gift ideas part 2

Pretty jewelry boxes are great for girlfriends. I know I wouldn't mind getting one myself. But rather than looking for a traditional chest-shaped jewelry box or a porcelain music-box one, go for something fun and unique.

Oval Swivel-Top Jewelry Box $59.95. I love this one's modern look and its unique design.

Embossed Angel Jewelry Box, India $40.99. Not your typical jewelry box, a great piece of art to add to your bedroom decor.

Personalized Jewelry Roll $15.20, great for travel and even better for everyday use. Features a washable nylon fabric inside and out with two zipper compartments and a removable ring holder. This is a nifty idea. I never know how to pack my jewelry. They usually end up squashed or scattered all over in the suitcase.

Now if you have tons of precious jewelry and you are meticulous about keeping them in perfect condition, this one could be useful...if you care more about the function of course. It looks like an office binder to me.
PreZerve Fashion Forward Organizer, $19.93 (today only at The Shopping Channel). Apparently it can keep up to 300 pieces of jewellery inside! The special carbon based woven fabric actually helps keep your precious treasures from tarnishing -- silver can stay beautiful for up to 50 years when properly stored in this PreZerve Organizer!


Love Mel xoxoxo said...

wow. i want a jewellery roll thing

ambika said...

I love that oval twisty box. That would be so perfect to stow away (if it has some kind of locking mechanism). Adding that to my wishlist now.