Friday, January 25, 2008

SPF 130?!

Did you know you can get sunscreens with SPF 130?? Holy crap eh? Yep that's what I found on ebay, Sunplay SPF 130 Lotion. I know, sunscreen isn't exactly the hottest topic when it comes to skincare in the winter -- actually I'm sure many of you will agree with me that it is still extremely important to wear sunscreen especially when the sunlight is being reflected off the snow plus the rays from above, i.e. the double-whammy -- it's just not that exciting. But I try to keep on top of it. Sunplay is a Japanese brand that I love. I've tried its SPF 30 and I rank it up there with the best of them. The texture is extremely light and non-greasy, perfect for my oily skin. I wish I had bought a truck load of the stuff when I went back to Asia last time. They keep increasing the SPF number. I just can't believe they've come up with 130! Proof once again Asian women are obsessed with sun protection and avoiding a tan. Lol.


Anonymous said...

asian pride! i live in singapore and i use this all the time!


Moi said...

Yar! :D