Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's talk about trends

We are into the new year, so inevitably, we'll have to talk about trends for year 2008. I was reading StyleDash, they report that The Examiner says we should toss out these items in 2008: Trapeze dresses, daytime metallics, giant handbags, and puffy sleeves. Do you agree? Do you want to see them go? I personally don't agree with all of it. I love trapeze dresses. They stemmed from that retro vibe, which isn't exactly dying down anytime soon. I think some people want to see them disappear ( because they think they are shapeless. But for me, they are so versatile and not at all shapeless. You can belt it, dress it up or down and really have fun with it depending on how you accessorize it. As for metallics, we know they are better reserved for the evening. I don't binge on them the way some others do -- no sequin dress/top for me during the day. So for daytime metallics I wouldn't mind seeing some toning down. Giant handbags are staying as far as I'm concerned. I need my over-sized bags. They are just so darn useful. Okay, I draw the line at ridiculously giant bags. We should always carry bags that are proportionate to our body size. Puffy sleeves are a really trendy thing, admittedly. I adore them, they make my arms look slim and delicate. They emerged when the fashion world was feeling feminine, romantic and pretty-pretty when all the dresses popped up. Wasn't exactly a coicidence, right? On this one, I think we'll have see what the fashion mood will swing this year to see if this trend will sustain.

Are there other trends that you just cannot stand and hope they die? I remember last January many of you said the skinny jeans absolutely would and should go away. Funny how they've stayed for another year eh? They aren't such a craze now, thank goodness. I'm glad to see they have been better digested by a lot of people as a wardrobe staple. And apparently I've eaten my words on how I felt about ankle boots since last year when I said I would not wear them, lol. I have embraced them because when you find the perfect pair, well...there's no turning back. And I'm glad I kept an open mind :)

Anyway, regardless if the trends are going or staying, I'd like to own these forever!

3.1 Phillip Lim Diamond sleeve dress $455

Paul & Joe Awa trapeze dress $355

Roberto Cavalli Metallic leather bag $1,950

Pauric Sweeney Embossed leather shoulder bag $1,425

Miu Miu Pleated jaquard skirt $1,945 $1,361.50. Now this pink metallic jacquard pouf skirt is a perfect daytime metallic piece.

Christian Louboutin Mody leather pumps $586.00 $410.20. These subtle metallic pumps would stay in my closet forever, trends be damned.

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