Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big charm bracelets

I don't know what's taking Blogger so long to unlock my site. As you can see from my little note on the side bar, I can still speak to you my dear readers. And by writing here totally messes up the look of the site, but I don't care. The lack of the ability to blog in the last 10 days has given me much more time to shop (perhaps out of frustration?). One of the things that I'm eyeing for are big elaborate charm bracelets. They are such great "wow factor" accessories to fight the drabness of winter. LuLu*s Fashion Lounge got all kinds of fun charm bracelets.

Secret Garden Pearl Charm Bracelet $21

Antique Victorian Lock and Key Charm Bracelet $18

Hidden Bird and Snake Charm Bracelet $11

Sparking Star Gold Charm Bracelet $13

Vintage Love Charm Bracelet $6

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