Friday, June 22, 2007

Talented and strong Bestey

I love Bestey Johnson. That's why I was so thrilled to see this article in Toronto Star today. There are some interesting facts of Bestey. She's so fascinating.

Can you believe she's turning 65 and has a granddaughter? She's like the coolest grandma in the world! She was a cheerleader, that's why she can do a mean cartwheel. She's a brest cancer survivor, discovered when her implant burst. A portion of proceeds from the sale of her fragrance products will be donated to Canada's Look Good Feel Better program.

She made clothes for Sienna Miller in the Sedgwick film Factory Girl.

I'm really excited to see her new designs. She wants to get back to the old Betsey, designer of kicky go-to-hell dresses instead of the frou-frou frocks with crinolines and ruffles cramming the racks of her shop.

"I'm doing all the design work again," she says. "I wasn't making anything I wanted to wear. I want to do cotton Lycra. I was getting pressure to grow up and be more sophisticated, but it is not me. I was watching the trends and got trapped. We lost the Betsey."

And the Betsey customer?

"My customer is the good old girl like me," she says. "My swimwear and lingerie are flying but my colourful kick-ass, sexy babe is out there and I'm not getting her any more. I'm going back to be the true me."

She's launched her new fragrance collection, available at the Bay for us Canadian girls :)

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Kori said...

I'm psyched to see what her next line looks like! Betsey Johnson is awesome :)