Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Novica Handbags

Ladies, are you looking for handcrafted handbags that are interesting, eclectic and different from what your friends have? Check out the handbags & purses on Novica Handbags. The company sells handmade products from all over the world and have thousands of handbags. They are associated with National Geographic and give artists around the world a place to express their artistic talents. How brilliant is that? The bags are full of interesting styles and culture. When you click on a bag, you get a story of the designer, which is really interesting to see where these designers come from and where they get their inspirations.
Why don't you start with the leather bags and sterling silver purses, which are like art!

Leather shoulder bag, 'Inca Autumn Sunset' $88.95 on sale for $80.06.

Leather handbag, 'Caramel Fusion' $127.95 on sale for $115.16.

Leather shoulder bag, 'Tan Arabesque' $122.95

Sterling silver purse, 'Lace Filigree' $489.95.

Silver purse, 'Siamese Honesty' $459.95.

And bags are not the only things they have. Check out their amazing jewelry and clothes as well.

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