Thursday, June 28, 2007

Go ahead and show off

So how many bikinis/swimsuits do you own? I'm really interested in knowing that. It seems people have various opinions on that. Some say really you need a good one to carry you through the whole summer. Me...funny for someone who doesn't even know how to swim *feels ashamed*, I own a dozen. I don't even wear them all. I'll be lucky to wear the new ones I bought this year once. They aren't practical buys for me. And I guess the geography really matters. You lucky ones that live close to a beach probably shop for bikinis all the time. Anyway, I think it's one of those things that you can get even when you don't need it, you get them just 'cause they are too cute or sexy to pass up, and especially at the end of the season when they go on sale. The feeling of wearing a new bikini and knowing you look hot in is well worth it ;)

Bella Beachwear has some ultra sexy Brillian bikinis. Most of them are surpringly "wear-able", the cuts and colors are quite classic (just don't be put off by the big fake boobs). I imagine they stay in your bikini for many years to come.

Brazilian Bikini (P1724) $29.95. I really like this white bikini. It's always a classic.

Brazilian Bikini (D133) $25.46. And this one's quite daring. You hot mamas out there should flaunt it it!

Crochet Bikini (PC02) $59.95. What is it about the crochet that make a bikini so crazy sexy?

Brazilian Bikini (P2e22) $22.46. And I'm always a big fan of pretty ties on the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I also always wondered how many swimsuits/bikinis others own. Like you said I guess the place where you live will kind of determine how many swimsuits you have. I am lucky to live near the coast and going the beach is something I do as much as I can. I probably have more than fifty bikinis and a dozen 1pc swimsuits that I use when I go tot he swimming pool.
Anyway, that was my little bit of info.