Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spray-on makeup

Has anybody heard of spray-on makeup? I've seen on TV before. The makeup artist was using this pistol-looking contraption and shooting out liquid foundation onto the model's face. The result was a perfect evenly covered porcelain-like complexion. I was really amazed, but didn't think it would be available to the average consumers since it looked pretty complicated to operate. You'd have to be pretty precise. And I don't know how you can do it yourself since you'd be closing your eyes. But still, it's a novel idea. I was really excited to to find that TheShoppingChannel.com has something like that!
Serious Skin Air Coverage Makeup System $89.99 on sale for $54.77. It claims that it "is the latest innovation in beauty! This system was originally developed by professional makeup artists, to help create the flawless faces demanded by HDTV and fashion magazine. It dispenses foundation in a micro-fine mist to produce amazing results that help minimize the look of lines, wrinkles, pores and other skin imperfections." The kit includes - AC/DC adapter, air tube, headband, sponge, instructional DVD and booklet, Air Primer (1.3oz) and Liquid Foundation (1oz) in Light, Medium or Dark.

I think it's something worth experimenting if you really need good coverage. Maybe you could get your friend or sister to do it for you.

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