Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shorts time!

Shorts are pretty low on my priority list. I never get an urge to buy a pair shorts when I go shopping, unless they are on a sale and I happen to need a new pair. I'm not the type to dress down in a pair of shorts, a tank and flip flops on weekends 'cause I like dressing up on weekends. It's too "sloppy" and casual for my liking. But I love these looks from Andrew Gn's Spring 2007 show -- structured dressy shorts in a bright color, a high-shine metallic or an interesting pattern, paired with ultra-cool bubble-sleeved blouse or a feminine flowy top, and you can't forget the slinky heels. It's a different approach by letting the shorts be the focus of the outfit, rather than the background.

adam+eve Pleated Shortadam+eve Pleated Short $265

Wool Short with Cuff in GoldJohnson Wool Short with Cuff in Gold $220

Johnson Helen ShortsJohnson Helen Shorts $253

Wool Short with Cuff in CheekJohnson Wool Short with Cuff in Cheek $220

Corduroy with Cuff Short in AquaJohnson Corduroy with Cuff Short in Aqua $154

Tie Waist Short in PaprikaWalter Tie Waist Short in Paprika $165

Yarn Dyed Poplin ShortRampage Yarn Dyed Poplin Short $39

1 comment:

Frasypoo said...

Cute selection of shorts but was curious if that was a mannequin or a real person that the shorts were on ??