Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An insider's guide to surviving the party season

I hope everybody's getting their LBDs/sequin dresses/red hot Louboutins' worth with all the parties! Here's another great article that has some really smart tips on coming out of all the parties unscathed, An insider's guide to surviving the party season, from somebody who actually goes to parties for a living. I love her tips on networking.

There is nothing shameful about arriving alone at a party. I do it most nights. Walk confidently to the bar and banter with the barman over your first drink until someone talks to you. If nobody does, join a friendly eyed clique until you see someone you know. Don't play with your phone - you may as well wear a vest with "I'm a neurotic wreck" emblazoned across the front.

Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair, says the key to good conversation lies in candour. "I don't consider any topic off-limits," she says, "not even religion. Instead of pretending to understand more than you do about something, pose simple questions.

When I first sat next to Alan Greenspan, for example, I started off by saying, 'I have no idea what you do all day. How does it work?'?"

If you're being greeted with a recognition you don't share, grab the nearest person you know and effect "the demi-intro": "How rude of me - this is my friend Peter." The forgotten person will then introduce themselves and put you both out of your misery.


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