Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish list - dresses

My family asks what new clothes I want for Christmas. That's a tough question, I want everything! But if I have to choose one type of clothing, I have to go with dresses. If I had my way, I'd ask for all these gorgeous numbers from the ultimate dress boutique, eDressMe.

Black Organza Ruffle Dresses by Betsey Johnson $425. Ok, honestly I don't know where or when I'd wear this dress. The last time I wore organza was at my own wedding. But I just love how gorgeous this dress looks, it's like a black lily. Only Betsey Johnson can make such a beautiful creation. She's truly a girl's girl.

Strapless Dresses by Shoshanna $365. Love the warm orange-ish red shade. The belt really polishes it off. Perfect for office parties.

Ruched Metallic Sleeveless Dresses by Nicole Miller
$440 $220. How does everyone feel about full-blown metallic dresses? I wonder if it's one of those things that in 10 years when you look back on it, you're going to be like all "what the heck was I thinking?" Who knows?! But it sure does look fab to me right now. I love the ruching in the front and then tapered shape at the bottom. Very sexy.

Wool Jumper Dresses by Jill Stuart $345 $172.50. I wonder if my love for jumper dresses will ever die down. Hmm...maybe when I'm 40 and I cannot have the excuses to wear this young-looking cute dress anymore, but that's a long ways away. I love this one! Love the color. I have a red one, a black one, a grey one, a plaid one, I just don't have a blue one!

Black and White Applique Dresses by Anna Sui $548. I'm a little perplexed by this Anna Sui dress. Anna Sui's dresses are really unique and interesting, this one is no exception. The lines at the front and shape of the skirt are really interesting. It's not exactly a bubble or balloon. It's like...a lantern? It's haute!

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Cherish said...

I love he first dress! I have been obsessed woth dresses all year. I did a posting a few weeks ago with pics of dream dresses for the holday season.