Thursday, December 27, 2007

More sales...

Hey, how'd you fare on Boxing Day shopping? We mostly were interested in furniture for our new house, but disappointingly we didn't see any great deals. I didn't pick up anything for myself at the mall since I got so much before Christmas and for Christmas, I wasn't picking up stuff like crazy just because it was on sale. My guy did very well though. He got a Guess lambskin jacket at 50% off (which looks delicious on him) and a pair of hockey skates at 50% off. As soon as we got home, I jumped on the Weeb. It's always exciting to see more sales. And a lot of times I think the online sales are much better than in store. Hmm. FashionChateau has items up to 85% off!

Rachel Pally Aloe Button Ruffle Dress $233 $163.10

Frankie B Butterfly Flap Pocket $216 $151.20

Rachel Pally Black/Cream Drape Dolman Dress $242 $169.40

Streets Ahead Gold Studded Belt $240 $48

Tied Up Sherbert Keyhole $164 $24

Sweetees Berry Ella Top $107 $74.90

LaROK Carbon Dress $167 $83.50

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