Thursday, December 20, 2007

Facial Massage Roller

You are going to laugh at this. I laughed too when I used it the first time. This is a facial massage roller for slimming and tightening the face. Sounds kinda far-fetched right? I saw this on one of my favorite Chinese beauty TV shows. You roll it on your cheeks, it can tightening and contour, and de-puff your face by targeting the lymphatic glands in front of and under the ears. Asian girls are obsessed with beauty gadgets, I'll tell you. The girls were testing it on their faces, it looks so funny, but I couldn't resist so I immediately jumped on eBay to see if I could get it. Lo and behold, it wasn't hard to find. And it didn't cost much so I figured what the heck and ordered one. I wasn't really interested in slimming, but if it could tighten, that'd be a bonus. One of my biggest fears about aging is sagging jaw lines. So I'm open to any preventative measures. I've been using this roller thingy for a week now. It actually feels pretty comfortable on the face, and my cheeks are rosy after the "exercise". I'll have to use it everyday to see if it really tightens my face. I guess I'll be able to tell overtime. Just hope it doesn't break before then, haha! If you want one, you can get it dirt cheap here on eBay.

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