Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Every girl must have cute knit scarves, mittens and earmuffs this winter!

Remember I wrote that every girl must have cute knit hats this winter, preferably the bigger chunkier the better? Same sentiment goes for knit scarves, mitts, and earmuffs. They are thick and poufy this winter, which are just so incredibly cute on every girl ("Eskimo cute" as my guy would say), not to mention warm!

Madeleine Press Frill ScarfMadeleine Press Frill Scarf $225. What a unique looking scarf! Popcorn texture is very cute and adds more warmth and the ruffle trim is so girly. And because it's so long, you can wear it many different ways. Made of 100% Italian merino wool.

Eugenia Kim Janine Fur Earmuffs $143. In my opinion, the more gigantic the earmuffs the cuter they look and the cuter you look with them on.

Juicy Couture Luxe Hat & Scarf Boxed Gift Set Juicy Couture Luxe Hat & Scarf Boxed Gift Set $196. The fox-fur pom poms look just darling. 75% wool/25% cashmere.

Juicy Couture '100% Pure Juicy' Cashmere Scarf $195. Again how freaking adorable! Logo charm dangles from the knotted bow on a soft, textured knit scarf. Juicy Couture's really impressing me with these cute winter accessories. Made of cashmere.

Juicy Couture 'Preppy' Gloves $45. I'm a preppy girl, these would suit me just fine.

Free People 'Smiling Buddha' Wool Blend Mittens $38. Multicolored mitts aren't just for kids! The braided pull-through ties with pompoms are too adorable. Your little sister or niece will want to steal these from you!

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