Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fab product - SpaSensials

Now that the weather's cold and the indoor air's usually very dry, it seems we cannot have enough lotions to keep our hands and feet well-moisturized. I'm always looking for different ways to moisturize. When I got home last night, I was very happy to find this package at my door that contained this interesting kit, SpaSensials* Hand and Foot Treatment Systems. It's not your regular lotion in a bottle. The lotion's actually inside a pair of gloves for your hands and a pair of socks for your feet. The gloves and socks are infused with vitamins (A, B5, E), aloe, avocado and jojoba. You just put them on, leave for 15 minutes, and when you take them off, you won't believe how soft and moist your skin feels, even on extra dry feet! I immediately put them after I got out of the shower. I was mostly concerned my feet. I was skeptical because my feet usually require heavy-duty stuff like Vaseline. I was pleasantly surprised, my hands and feet felt absolutely smooth and plump. The kit is so easy to use. No mess no fuss. And the $11.99 price tag is very reasonable. You can buy the socks and gloves seperately or get both in one kit, which contains two pairs each of the infused socks and gloves, plus two exfoliating buffs. Check out their website SpaSensials for more info.

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