Thursday, December 20, 2007

Renaissance woman

You are going to have some fun reading British Vogue's 2008 style predictions. The actress to watch for, the all-rounder...Renaissance woman, caught my eyes especially. A journalist, model, and musician at the age of 26. Talk about your beautiful, intelligent, talented and accomplished wonder girl. Doesn't she make you feel envious? I absolutely covet her red coat, too.

Being "accomplished" used to mean excelling at the piano, speaking French and having good teeth. These days the stakes are somewhat higher, as up-and-coming screen beauty Clemency Burton-Hill proves. At 26, Clemency's life already makes for awe-inspiring reading. She was a violin scholar at the Royal College of Music, secured a double first from Cambridge and a Kennedy Scholarship to Harvard, and, after a stint in the Vogue features department, has become a respected journalist, a model and a musician - in addition to her burgeoning acting career, of course. She hit the public eye earlier this year for her role in political drama series Party Animals, and will soon appear in hard-hitting film Shoot On Sight, which deals with terrorism in Britain. Other projects include The Phoenix with Peter O'Toole, The Wreck with Jean Simmons, and an ITV drama series The Palace.


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