Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Jewels

I've decided to wear my trusty black cocktail dress to my company's holiday party. I'm doing an inventory on the party accessories that I have. I'm the worst jewelry organizer ever. I don't have a system, I just put them in one of the boxes I keep all the stuff, if there's space. And once it's out of sight, it's out of my mind too. I won't remember I have it until I actually open the box and sift through it all. I could use one of those turning display-towers in clothing stores, haha!

In the meanwhile we can gaze at the these fine pieces of art.

Who doesn't love Swarovski crystals? The colors are so vibrant and rich.

Swarovski Sweet Blossom Necklace, $100, so pretty and almost regal-looking, looks like something Marie Antoinette would wear while eating pink cake.

These stunning drop earrings from Swarovski earrings, $100, are made with black diamond and feature dark green, night blue, light grey and dark grey crystal pearls.

Swarovski Bird Necklace $510, such a unique design! It'd be perfect for an empire-waist chiffon dress for an ethereal goddess look.

Tiffany's is like the holy grail of jewelry. (Cartier too, love their diamonds and watches, not that I'll ever be able to afford any of that.) The first time I stepped in a Tiffany's in Vegas was a pretty interesting experience. My fiancé and I looked totally "touristy", not to mention after walking a whole day in the hot sun, we looked sweaty and tired. I'm surprised the sales lady said hi to us at all, haha! But the jewelry was dazzling!
Tiffany Triple triangle earrings, eighteen karat white gold $2550, they're simultaneously classic and sexy, perfect for a night at the opera.

Drop pendant necklace $2,100, absolutely gorgeous with garnets, pink sapphires and iolites on a 18K white gold chain.

Something we can afford.
Foxy Originals, $31, the pendant is made of a cluster of flowers, creating a sweet bouquet. It's ultra-feminine.


S. said...

I love the Swarovski necklaces. There is a store across from where I work and I don't go in because I'm afraid of the price. Now I know!

ambika said...

The swarovski necklace is a great find. Slightly bird-like but not overly so. Very cute, if out of my price range.