Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pretty headbands

I've become addicted to headbands over the last few months. Perhaps it's not a new thing, but I must say how handy they are. They instantly make your hair look neater, cuter, and effortless chic, especially for somebody who's always scrambling to get ready in the morning, I have no time to do anything interesting to my hair except brush it. I've been wearing my hair down forever, I'm extremely boring when it comes to changing my hair up a little (no matter how many magazine articles I read on easy DIY hairdos and attempt to duplicate them, it never turns out the way it should be. Girls, you have this problem too?). And my hair is not the easy-to-manage kind. Seeing as how I have 4 times the amount of hair as a normal person, it can be quite unruly (if I sleep funny the night before, I get "balls" on my head), I find headbands, especially the thick bands, can help tame my hair!

Here are some headbands I have. I wore a couple to death already:( I need to acquire new ones to replace them.

This embroidered ribbon headband $22 from Banana Republic is very classy. But I don't know how I'd wear it with my hair down because it's quite wide. I really like the headband with hair pulled-back look.

You can snatch up these great looking headbands for cheaps.

Gojane headband $2.99

Glitter headband $5.99


S. said...

I feel your pain on the hair thing.I don't even brush mine.

You have too much great stuff here. Especially LOVE the pencil skirts! the cropped jackets and the 70's dress are great and peep toes will always be in.

emigre said...

Yeah, I read every hair how-to article too, never do a thing to really use the advice tho.

fashion addict said...

oi! i'm very addicted to headbands too! and yes, they really are handy, when one has a bad hair day. if you wanna fine decently priced ones, try Forever 21. if there is one in your area that is.

Moi said...

Alas, there's no Forever21 in my area. And they don't ship to Canada :(