Saturday, November 25, 2006

High-waisted pencil skirts

High-waisted pencil skirts are sexy. They show off a woman's curves by cinching the waist and hugging the hips. Pairing one with a soft top and high heels, it just oozes "sexy secretary" to me. I wish I could wear this look to work...well, I could. But working in a software company, the dress code being t-shirt and jeans, this look would make me a little too overdressed. I wish I was an executive assistant to a VP in a law firm, lol. Alas I'm not, but I love the high-waisted pencil skirts, sophisticated and sexy at the same time.
Conspicuous Pencil Skirt $158
Rachel Roy Nicola High Waist Skirt $272
Sinclair Skirt $21.99.
Oh la la! This one has such a rich burgundy color. And it's a steal at $21.99! I saw a picture of Eva Mendez wearing a similiar red high-waisted skirt in the magazines, just can't remember whhere exactly. She looked sexy and elegant.

I would wear a simple black top to show off the skirt, like this one.
Metallic Cinched Front Sweater $68.

And these peep-toes
Jessica Simpson 'Abba' Pump $88.95.

And accessorize with delicate earrings. These maple leaf earrings are so pretty.
Jenna White Maple Leaf Earrings in Citrine $108.

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