Monday, November 20, 2006

Facial masks

Talika Paris Eye Therapy Patch $58 for 6 pairs.

Boy do I have serious eye baggage and dark circles today from lack of sleep. Our security system went off at 3 in the morning. We thought a burglar had broken in. Turned out that the system was malfunctioning because of bad wiring. Took us an hour to shut it off and contact the company to have them send somebody over to check it out today. Not fun. So I decided to try the Talika's eye theraphy patches that a friend got me (guess I was saving it for emergency). I think it worked pretty well, my eyes are looking less puffy now, and the skin around my eyes feels supple and dewy.

I'm a big fan of facial masks actually. I guess 'cause it feels like you're having a facial when you put on a mask and relax on the couch. And your skin looks and feels instantly better after you take it off, even if the effects are temporary. But if you use them on a regular basis, you can get some serious benefits. I think they have a much huger popularity in Asia. A lot of North American brands make facial masks for their Asian markets, e.g. Olay has very good moisturizing masks and lightening masks, but you can only buy them in Asia. And my cousin recommended to me Biotherm Source Perfection Spa Concentrate Tissue Mask Regenerating-Moisturizing $40.60, I found it on My skin needs lots of moisture in the winter after a day at work. Our office is uber dry.

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