Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yves Saint Laurent's magic brush foundation

Yves Saint Laurent Perfet Touch Radiant Brush Foundation ($50).

I personally haven't tried putting on foundation with a brush, I don't usually wear foundation, just a little powder to get rid of shine on my T-zone, but this one sounds like the perfect makeup for easy application and great coverage. According to Elle Canada, "the silky brush, made from Japanese nylon fibres, gives the natural look of a professional makeup artist's application, while its patented ingredients conceal imperfections and protest skin...Chestnut extracts and flavonoids from the larch tree work together to stimulate skin cell renewal while macro-seaweed extract ensures natural UV protection. The product glides over the skin, thanks to Ampli Light+, a proprietary combination of nylon particles and polymers that conceals minor imperfections by diffusing light in all directions for great radiance. The polymer-coated pigments keep sebum and perspiration in check."
Wow it even has sun protection (I am obsessed with sun protection)? And keeps shininess in check? Sounds perfect to me. I think I will put it on my Christmas wish list.

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