Friday, November 23, 2007

How much are you willing to pay for a pair of tights?

We all know that tights are pretty much at the top of the must-have pieces for this winter. How much are you willing to pay for the perfect pair? According to this article in Telegraph, "this month's Vogue features a pair of Yves St Laurent black opaque ribbed tights that retail at £385. Yes, £385 – for a pair of tights. They are made from an expensive blend of silk and cashmere but, at that price, you'd expect them to be spun from gold with a Fabergé egg in each toe." Yeah! I'd expect them to cook and do laundry for me, too! I ask my friends and it seems like they are mostly comfortable paying around $10 - $20 for a day-to-day pair because those will likely be worn out in a year. And they are willing to shell out $30 - $50 for a more luxurious and durable pair, usually a blend of wool and cotton, that with proper care you can wear them for years. How about you? is another great place to shop for tights online. They have a wide range you can choose from. I love the bright colored ones and ribbed textured ones. It's true that when you have them on with a simple shift dress, they do make the outfit.

Cette Dublin 55D Opaque Tights $16.75

Emilio Cavallini Two Tone Tights $17.75

Emilio Cavallini Ribbed Tights $17.75

Emilio Cavallini Diamond Cable Tights $17.75

Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights $23.25

Falke Pompidou Tights $33.75

Falke Soft Merino Wool Ribbed Tights $65

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