Monday, November 26, 2007 Cyber Monday Special - Black Diamonds

What's a holiday without receiving or giving some gorgeous jewelry? You'll find some irresistible deals at's CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL (from Nov.23.07 to Nov.30.07). I'm totally in live with their black diamond pieces. They are a bold statement.

1/2 Carat Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Ring $600 $195! The hottest look in jewelry, black diamonds get their deep beauty from a special irradiation process. In this floral themed ring, the white traditional diamonds and black diamonds pair up together to form this piece of art in 14K white gold.

1/2 CT Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Earrings $600 $195. These sophisticated 1/2 carat enhanced black and white diamond earrings are beautifully crafted in 14K white gold. It's a lovely, feminine look that you can wear day or night.

1 Carat Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Brace $1000 $295. Elegance and charm exude from this beautiful 1 carat white diamond and enhanced black diamond bracelet. This exquisite diamond bracelet complemented finely by swirls of 14K white gold is a timeless gift.

1 Carat Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Ring $1000 $350. This chunky black and white diamond ring exquisitely set in lustrous 14K white gold is perfect for showing off your strong and independent side.

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