Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tights Galore

As I've been buying up tights by the dozen lately, I found this nifty little store that sells all kinds of hosiery, They've sourced best opaques in high quality from many designer brands so you know what you are getting exactly. And there's a big variety of styles, including shapewear. Spanx is your wrap dress' best friend, trust me.

HUE Super Opaque Control Top Tights (Style 6620) $8.75

HUE Opaque Thigh-Highs (Style 6224) $8.75

Givenchy Body Smoothers, Non-Control-Top, Support Leg, Sandal Toe Pantyhose (Style 575) $9.50

Pretty Polly Soft Opaque Tights $9.75

HUE Ribbed Leg Warmer (2220) $10

DKNY Basic Tights, Opaque Leg, Non-Control-Top Tights (Style 472) $11.50

Emilio Cavallini Back Seam Thigh Highs $15.75

Emilio Cavallini Squiggle Pantyhose $17.75

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Power Panty (SP032) $34

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