Thursday, November 15, 2007

Santa’s Virtual Helper at Net-a-Porter

Does your man want to absolutely spoil you silly this Christmas but have no idea what to get you, and you want to make it a lot easier for you? I got an email from NET-A-PORTER.COM about their new Santa’s Virtual Helper, a sassy, not-so-subtle gift advisor. How it works is simply tell the virtual advisor exactly what you want for the holidays. She will then send your loved one a not-so-subtle hint through a personalized video message, directing them to your NET-A-PORTER wish list (if you have one set up) or to our ultimate holiday gift guide! Wouldn't that be the ultimate Christmas gifts receiving experience? I'd love to see my guy's jaws drop when he gets my list, mostly he'd be stunned by how expensive everything is! Lol. You gotta try it, if only to freak your man out! The personalized video message is hilarious. The little form that they have you fill out, with which the video message is composed, really cracked me up. There's the "his pet name" field where the choices include captain, Cheeky Monkey, Hot Stuff, Muffin, Sir, Your Royal Highness, Big Boy...just to name a few. And you get to pick what you really want. I picked a pair of Louboutins, (naturally, as my guy would say), such as this gorgeous grape Gabine satin slingbacks $695

Or...these to-die-for Melisandre leather boots $1,520

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