Monday, September 24, 2007

Affordable bags are always a good thing

When you don't have to "invest" in handbags (i.e. pay a month's rent on one), it's more fun to shop for bags 'cause then you don't have to be super picky. Wanna go with a trendy bag? No problem, no guilt required. I'm all for it.

Ogam Croco Belted Tote $88

Ogam Polish Metal Chain Bag $65

GIANNOTTI Brick Embossed Hand Bag $35

Ogam Heart Quilted Clutch $65

Faux Leather Tote - BlackTilly's Faux Leather Tote - Black $19.99

ROXY Winter Queen Handbag - BlackROXY Winter Queen Handbag - Black $27.99

Women: Women's Quilted Totes - Classic GrayWomen: Women's Quilted Totes - Classic Gray $22.50

Women: Women's Quilted Hobo Bags - RedWomen: Women's Quilted Hobo Bags - Red $19.50

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Life Info Zone said...

hi buddy
lovely bags,among those"Ogam Heart Quilted"this one is simple superab