Monday, September 24, 2007

Ultra-feminine waves

So I was "obsessing" over how to create this season's hottest look - Veronica Lake ultra-feminine waves. My Elle Canada magazine came just in time. It offers step-to-step instructions from the expert, Anthony Morrison, Joico International platform artist and winner of Slice"s Sheer Genius hairstyling competition. It sounds really easy. Ha! Once I start to try it myself, I know it'll be a different story. You wanna try it?

  • Comb a leave-in conditioner into freshly washed hair and then blow-dry in sections using a large round brush to create volume.

  • Once dry, spray the hair with setting lotion and wrap sections around extra-large Velcro rollers. Blow-dry to ensure that the product dries completely.

  • Wait five minutes, remove the rollers and then brush the hair with a large paddle brush. mist with shine spray for a lustrous finish.

(Source: Elle Canada October 2007)

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