Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ask Petite Chou - What to wear on the company's cruise

Thorns Baby Jersey Dress in Ivory

"Dear Ma Petite Chou,

My boyfriend's company's hosting an event on a cruise at Toronto waterfront on Saturday evening. There will dinner and dancing. The dress code says "business casual." What should I wear?


Funny you should ask. My guy's company did something similar not long ago. It was a fun night on the boat. Everybody were drinking, dancing, gambling, having a grand time (except for one of the wives getting seasick. Poor thing couldn't stop throwing up. So if you have a weak stomach, have Gravol in your bag just in case). So what to wear? I bet with the business casual dress code, there are going to be a sea of black cocktail dresses. But why not stand out in something different, like this artistically beautiful Harkham Thorns Baby Jersey Dress in Ivory ($240)? It is feminine and refined, which is very business-appropriate. Pair with these gorgeous 4" KORS Shoes Tisbury Patent Pump ($185), pure sophistication. And when the nighttime comes, you and your beau will be admiring the beautiful city lights from the upper deck (how romantic is that). Be sure you have a stylish coat to keep you warm from the cool breeze, like this classy red Theory Panya Coat ($695)

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